Chal Jaa Bapu is impressed with its humor

Rating : 3 Star 

Banner: Seven Seas Productions,  Producer: Varun Gaur

Duration: 122 minutes, Censor: U / A

Director: Dedipya Joshi

Chal Jaa Bapu” is successful in exposing the frauds in the face of saint. In the name of religion and spirituality the hypocrite are looting the innocent people. This movie along with the entertainment also gives the message to discard the blind faith from the frauds.

Ashutosh aka Ashu is a resident of Saharanpur who is enjoying his life without worrying about work but he knows all the tricks to do it. Ashutosh is a graduate in Business Management with first class but hardly has any knowledge about business as the marks sheet and degree is fake and Ashu had printed them. These fake documents were more important to him as compared to the original documents because he never had to work hard to get their desired degree, he could print a new degree every time. He is successful in marrying his lover Pallavi (Hrishita Bhatt) by showing fake degree to his in-laws, but now Ashu is the father of five-year-old and unemployed too. Tired of his lies and stubbornness ,his wife gave him last  1000 rupee and told him that he  always wanted to start his own business, now he can do that as she is leaving him and he only needs to run the house.

On day Ashu comes across an advertisement of Baba Moolmantra  and decided to go to him with the intention of doing a business. Ashu gave that 1000 rupee to him in return  he got 500 rupee  assuming as his blessing but little did he know that the 500 rupee was the fake replica of the original note. When no one was accepting that rupee in the market he comes to know that it  was a fake note and when he goes to return it to that hypocrite , he threatens Ashu and sends him back.

Ashu left no stone unturned to use that 500 rupee note but failed miserably. Lastly he had given that note to his sister as a Rakhsha bandhan gift and ask her not to use that note as it was from  his first salary. But when Pallavi and his sister were out for shopping in the mall she accidently gives that 500 rupee note. The manager of the mall filed a police complaint because it was rumoured that two women were using fake notes in the market, so the police takes Ashu’s sister and wife to the police station. Ashu is feeling guilty and therefore decides to come in front of everyone  with the full truth about the fake 500 rupees note. Ashu wants to eliminate the black business of Baba Moolmantra and teaches the lesson to him by deceiving Baba Moolmantra in his style, and as well as he has to win back his wife Pallavi’s trust. Will he be successful in deceiving the hypocrite and wins back his wife trust, for that you have to check it in the theatre.

Directed by Dedepya Joshi, who had influenced in many national and international film festivals from his first film, Saankal. Chal Jaa Bapu, the subject of the film is to eliminate the world of black business. Many scenes of the film have been shot very well.

Ashutosh Kaushik’s acting is very natural. The name of the character is also Ashu, a boy of Saharanpur, he played his character very naturally, but Hrishita Bhatt’s acting is average. In the movie Ashutosh’s childhood friend Jamshed, acted by Harish Harioud’s acting and dialogue had made the audience to laugh .Zakir Hussain, a very brilliant actor, in the character of Baba Moolmantra has done good job.