Excellence With G.O.P.T.A.© Series: Part 27

By: Dr. Sanjay Kumar Agarwal, Sr. Associate Editor-ICN Group

KOLKATA: In the last article, we saw how to evaluate the current status in different areas of your life. Today, I will introduce a very power tool titled, ‘Life-Focus Triangle’. Remember, this article has to be read in continuation of Part 26.

Evaluate current status in different areas of life (cont…)

Even if you don’t have any 8, 9 or 10 on any of the parameters if different walks of life, there is no reason to worry. Practically, nobody has a perfect balance. The real cause of worry is the huge imbalance in different areas of your lives, as per your current evaluation, which must be improved with positive efforts, so as to gain as much balance as possible.

Now ask yourself, what you can do to move your current ranking towards 10 (I am not saying 10, I am just saying towards 10 i.e. moving towards better than present state).

Now see, whether you find any imbalance between different parameters or all parameters are having equal points; say, 6 on each or 7 on each or even 10 on each.

It is a very powerful exercise. When it will be coupled with next one, these 2 exercises will have the potential to change your focus and your life for better.

Now let us examine the focus area on this LIFE-FOCUS TRIANGLE.

Draw this triangle on a piece of paper. From your evaluation sheet, fill the highest numbered area of life at the top and then keep on filling the triangle towards bottom. This will give you your lowest evaluated area at the bottom. That would mean that this area is most neglected and needs your larger focus as far as your time utilisation patterns and your decision making is concerned.

Now see your life state in front of you in the shape of these 2 exercises, resulting into this Life Focus Triangle.

The areas at the top are with most points but the areas at the bottom are with least points. That means that either you have ignored these areas or you don’t have sufficient time to focus on these areas or in pursuit of areas on the top 2 areas of your triangle, you have deliberately shifted your focus from these.

This also means that the areas at the bottom of the Life State Triangle deserve your attention and time so that you may improve on these and strike better balance among different walks of life.

You might observe that the area which is at the top will be there even if you give slightly lesser focus and there is scope of shifting focus from this area of life to ignored areas of life.

Now it is a matter of conscious choice. It will help you in taking decisions about your time utilisation patterns, as now this triangle will guide you in deciding which area needs your maximum attention, as you have to give strength to all horses in your happiness chariot.

Please don’t do these 2 exercises only once. You have to do these regularly for whole of your remaining life, every six months or at least once a year to examine that in which areas results are coming and which areas need more GOPTA. If you regularly monitor your progress in this manner, you will definitely find your own recipe of success and will definitely achieve your dreams and strike better balance in different walks of life.

(In the next articles, we will further develop this theory for your benefit and if you adopt this theory, I can guarantee your happiness level will increase. I am assuring this  on the basis of feedbacks from the participants of my workshop on maintaining balance between different walks of life {http://goptasuccess.com/signature-workshops/maintaining-balance-among-different-walks-of-life-2/ }. I believe that you are enjoying the journey towards the future of your dreams with me. If yes, please stay tuned every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday. Happy G.O.P.T.A.)

Dr. Sanjay Kumar Agarwal, Creator & copyright holder of the concept G.O.P.T.A.©  is an Author, Certified NLP Lifestyle Master Practitioner, Corporate Trainer & Motivational Speaker and recipient of Honorary Doctorate of Excellence (Management) by prestigious Young Scientist University, California, USA. He is Founder of ‘Read, Learn & Earn Movement’ and is popularly known among his fans & followers across the globe as ‘Time and Goal Guru’.

His book ‘How to Add 50000 Productive Hours to Your Life’ is available at Amazon & Flipkart in English at http://bit.ly/HowToAdd50000ProductiveHoursToYourLife

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