By: Tarun Prakash Srivastava, Sr. Executive Editor-ICN Group

Your Friends versus Enemies

LUCKNOW: I was eagerly waiting for you at this stop. I liked your friendly smiling and welcome you once again. You must be feeling yourself that your intellect and consciousness is now much more stable and your body language is full of unique confidence. Today, I am going to talk to you on which topic, that can make you either a great personality and a synonym for success, or you can drown in the darkness of ignorance and guilty forever in the future. Now the time has come when the next journey will go through a thin footpath like a blade edge where you need boundless balance, unlimited faith and trust. I want to bring you to the last possible point of your success in every situation. I think now that you should hear my words even more seriously. Let’s do some very important things with one cup of coffee in that coffee bar.

Have you ever seen a magnet? Must be seen and it must have also been seen that the magnet pulls the iron metal towards it. You may have also noticed that the needle of a compass always rotates in the north direction. This happens only because the North Pole of our Earth has magnetic power. The principle of VASTU (Architectural) is also dependent on the direction and position of energy.

The most secretive thing I am going to tell you is that our brain is a very big magnetic body and is a great space energy source and it is controlled only by our thoughts. Our thoughts are only of two types – positive thoughts and negative thoughts. All the ideas of the world, all the virtues, and all the tasks are divided into these two departments only. There is no third department, so either you will be a person of positive attitudes or a person of negative attitude. It is also possible that you keep a mixed attitude or you may positive in any particular area of life and negative in any other area. You get results directly from your positivity or negativity. The extent to which you are affirmative in the field – you get good results to that extent, and in whatever extent you are negative in which departments of life, you get negative results too that extent. Sometimes it may be possible that any one idea is positive in particular, and you should also get positive results according to the law of nature, but at the same time, you are negative about any other supplement or an associate idea of that thinking area. In such a condition, your result will be mixed result. For example, Mayur Joshi thinks that “a business is always better than the job”. This idea is a positive idea from the business point of view, but at the same time, he also thinks that “the trade of shoes is disgusting”. The idea of Mayur Joshi is negative about the trade of shoes. Now the result will be that if he gives priority to trade in place of job, it will be more successful, but if he trades for shoes without changing his negative thinking about this particular trade, he will not get enough success in this field. The reason is clear – the energy of a positive thought has diminished by another negative thought. I want to share this fact with you that Mayur Joshi is a real person who runs a small shop of shoes and I believe that this small shop will never be turned into a big showroom unless he turns his negative thoughts and perceptions about this trade into positive timely.

Sometimes, in another episode, it may be that in the proportion of a negative opinion of a person, the amount of loss that should have been raised according to the law of nature, be lesser due to any other associate or supplementary positive thought. I place another example here for understanding this thing easily. One of my old friends is Meet Rajdan. His idea is that “money can be earned only by committing a crime or by going against morals”. This idea is a negative thought towards money, and the physical consequence of this idea is merely a gross economic lack and poverty. But at the same time, Meet Rajadan also believes that “money is very useful for survival in society”. His this idea is positive but with that, he has fixed the limits of this idea, and this is the limit – “to survive.” His partial and limited positive thoughts weakened the intensity of his first negative thought. The mixed result of these ideas in the physical world will be that he will be able to earn only the minimum required funds for living. The truth is this – Meet Rajdan is doing a private job and supports his families with great difficulty.

Tarun Prakash Srivastava

The writer is the author of book ‘Science of Money’ available on in English at 

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