By: Tarun Prakash Srivastava, Sr. Executive Editor-ICN Group

Your thoughts are your strengths or weaknesses. The brain is a projector in which the film fed earlier reflects in the real world.

LUCKNOW: The whole universe revolves around the so-called pomp, hypocrisies, magical dramas, the priests and the abbot only in the hope that these Temples, these Mosques, these Churches and these Gurudwaras and their big offerings and the blessings of these so-called priests will change their life. But this never happened nor ever will it happen.

Whenever someone has changed his life, he has changed his negative thinking and attitude before that. Natural rules are as perfect and pure as the scientific rules. A reason always exists before every result. There is no such result in the world that has no reason. This world, this universe, this creation gives a reaction against each action, and this action is ’cause,’ and the reaction is its ‘result.’

The law of gravity, i.e., the principle of gravitation is always, at least, universal on our earth. If a person falls from the height, then he will always fall because the principle does not know how to distinguish between rich-poor, lean-obese, black-white and men- women, etc. If ’cause’ is certain then make sure, ‘result’ will always be certain.

This is a very important secret of nature. The person who understood this secret and took this principle into life, he has achieved success, and all such successful people have been twinkling like stars in our history from ages to age, and with their energy, the world is still illuminated. Presently every person established on the peak of success is the creation of this principle. If you are ahead in any field in life, then only because of this principle and if you are behind in any area, that too is the result of only and only this rule.

When you have understood this mystery, it is very important to us that we create only two columns of thoughts and try to understand every possible power and weakness by positivity and negativity.

Tarun Prakash Srivastava

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