57th Death Anniversary Why This Hate Nehru Campaign ?

By : Prof Pradeep Mathur Chief Consulting Editor ICN Group

There is one thing in common in all of them. They hate self-restraint, institutional discipline ,rule of law and transparency. They are impatient to succeed and worship “ sub chalta hai ‘ creed.

The Nehru bashers belong to a new post 1990 generation of Indian society which is a product of the new age of globalised market economy.Money is their only God and money making businesses,fair or foul , the way to reach their God. They are product of a market culture sans ethics .Management education has given them skills and efficiency but no social perspective. For short term success they can break all behavioural norms—personal, social and professional. Harshad Mehta can be their model and Guru their favourite movie. Any comparison with Shylock does not offend them.

But why should they be disliking Nehru ?

Though Nehru died when most of them were not born yet they know that Nehru had said that the State must have a controlling hand on business.—economic progress is not the same thing as corporate loot— when you plan big construction like highways, flyovers, multiplexes and malls you should also think of poor of the country who need a roof over their heads—economic strides should not be made by breaking institutionalized working and procedural norms and the state machinery is there to control malpractices and not to support business in its questionable dealings.

It is the tremendous moral strength that Nehru gave to India’s small but determined middle class minority to stand for what is right and correct that this new class of ruthless economic predators hates. Nehru was a symbol for all modern-minded, decent and conscientious Indians who want the country to develop on right lines in keeping with our ethos and the idealism generated in the wake of our freedom struggle. Such people have been in public life, bureaucracy,judiciary,police, education, media and social work.Despite best efforts of “environment managing corporate bosses “ many of them are still not corrupt .Though considerably weakened such people are still putting resistance to insensitive corporate loot of this country. And for this Nehru is responsible and is to “ blame”. An attack on Nehru weakens this resistance and leaves the door open for these money hounds. Hence plan, promote , support and sustain hate Nehru campaign.

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