A Place Of Social Harmony: Part 1

By: Mohammad Salim Khan, Sub Editor-ICN 

SAHASWAN/BUDAUN: I live at mohalla Rustam Tola in Sahaswan.It is a farming dominant area and is counted among one of the most backward areas in case of education in Sahaswan.Sahaswan is too a farming dominant area and this place is too counted among the most backward areas in case of education.Crops of Wheat,Mustard,and Peppermint are produced in rich amount here.Sahaswan is my native place.It has been a historical place since last hundreds of years.There is a village Shekhupur only 40 km. away from Sahaswan in the province of Distt. Budaun.The marriage of Dr. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmad was performed with Mrs.Abida Begum from a Nawab Family atShekhu pur village Distt. Budaun.U.P. Begum Shah Parvar Khanam who was the real sister of Mumtaz Mahal w/o Mughal emperor Shahjahan was also married with Nawab Fareed Khan in Shekhu pur. The grave of Begum Shah Parvar Khanam is situated in Shekhupur.Budaun is popularily known for Shakeel Budayuni and Abdul Qadir Badayuni. Shakeel Budayuni was a world fame lyricist of Bollywood.He wrote many songs for Hindi Cinema.The most popular Hindi movie of Bollywood MUGHL-E-AZAM’s songs of Mohabbat ki jhooti kahani pey roye and pyar kiya to darna kiya were written by shakeel Budayuni.He is counted among one of the greatest urdu poets of India. Urmilesh Shankhdhar a well known Hindi poet belongs to Budaun.Abdul Qadir Budayuni was a great religious scholar.In 1574 he was presented in the court of great Mughal emperor Akbar. Mughal emperor Akbar appointed him at a religious office in his court and gave him a pension.Abdul Qadir wrote Kitabul-al.Hadith.[Book of Hadith] The saying of the Prophet Mohammad Sahab[PBUH] His most important work was the Muntakhab-al-Tawarikh [Selection of History]. Abdul Qadir Budayuni was also commissioned to translate many Sanskrit tales and Hindu epics as the Ramayana and the Mahabharat.Raziya Sultana D/O Shams-uddin Iltumash was too born in Budaun in 1205.She was the first muslim woman who hold the sword in her hand giving up the veil [Burka].The first three storeys of Qutub-Minar was built by Shams-uddin Iltumash and the rest of two storyes were built by Feeroz Shah Tuglak.However the basement of Qutub-Minar was bulit by Qutub-uddin Aibak. Raziya Sultana was the first and last muslim woman ruler of Delhi Sultanat.She became the empress of Delhi Sultanat from 1236 to 1240.When Raziya Sultan was only 35 years old she passed away. She was burried at Turkman gate in Delhi. There was a great saint and highly spritual man was born in Buduan whose name is Hazrat Nizamuddin Rehmatuallah-Aleh.His father’s grave is situated which is known as Sagar Taal Sahab in Budaun.There were two princess named janab Syed Sultan Afreen sahab and janab Syed Badruddin sahab who is also known as Shah vilayat sahab. These are the two real brother who belonged to a royal Arab family. Leaving their royal and luxirious lives they came to India and settled in Budaun.They were great saints.They were highly devoted saints of Almighty ALLAH.Their graves are situated in Budaun which is called as Barhey Sarkar and Chhotey Sarkar.


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