A Place Of Social Harmony: Part 2

By: Mohammad Salim Khan, Sub Editor-ICN 

Lets know about Sahaswan

SAHASWAN/BUDAUN: In Distt. Budaun. U.P. Sahaswan is a good example of Social harmony and integrity.In British rule Sahaswan has been a District headquarter from 1801 to 1835.Dak Bangla was the residence of Distt.Magistrate at that time. There was a Distt. Magistrate whose name was lord Wilson. He would morning walk on a road alongwith his wife.Since then this road is known as Darling road which is very famous.There is a main market which is known as Bazaar Wilson ganj.Sahaswan has been a very historical place since last hundreds of years. As it is said by the ancestors that approximately 6000[six thousands] years ago there was a king in Sahaswan,whose name was Sahasrta Bahu.Historians would say that there was a quick movement felt in the palace and the whole Palace was undergrounded.No body could understand that why it had happened? For all of us it is a mystery even today.Ancestors would say that it was the curse of Nature on king Sahastra Bahu.There is a elevated surface of land in place of the Palace which is called “KOT”.Now it is a picnic spot for the people.It is said that once a great saint PARSHU RAM had visited in Sahaswan. He felt the thirst and he found no water around him so he had dug a pond by his tomahawk [Farsa],water came on the earth and he had drunk it.Since then this place was cosidered as a holly place.This place was called Satsota but now it is called Sarsota.Devotees from far and wide come here, take bath and worship here.Mughal emperor Aurangzeb donated approximately 500 beega [five lacs yards] land for Sarsota.Sahaswan is the land of great scholars [Aalim] Hakeems, educationists, landlords, social activists,politicians, poets,music vocalists and literary people. Description are mentioned below.

Scholars[Aalim]– Many great scholars [Aalim] were born in Sahaswan as–Mohammad Hasan,Molvi Abdul Baqi sahaswani, Syed Ameer Hasan,Syed Hameer Ahmad, Mian Mohammad Basheer Farooqi.Even today books written by Mian Mohammad Basheer Farooqi are taught in Al- Azhar University situated in Egypt.Molvi Abdul Khalique,Molvi Nazar Ahmad Aaley Mohammad Shah, Molana Abdul Samad,[HAFIZ-E-BUKHARI]. Molana Abdul Samad had learnt the whole volumes of BUKHARI SHAREEF.Molana Inamulla Qasmi,Haji Hashmat Husain,Molana Qutub-uddin Bhramchari.Molvi Nazeerul Hasan,Molvi Jameel Ahmad,Munshi Aabid Husain,Molvi Aijaz Ahmad.Munshi Shakir Husain Nikhat,and Nazrul Hasan Raaz.
HAKEEM–There were very learned and talented Hakeems born in Sahaswan. As–Hakeem Agha Ali Hakeem Yaseen, Hakeem Ibraheem,Hakeem Aqeel Ahamad,Hakeem Siddique Ahamd,Hakeem Aijaz Ahmad,Hakeem Abdul Hafeez Khan Zubairi,and Hakeem Mehmood.Hakeem Mehmood was the associate of world fame Hakeem Ajmal Khan..Educational Institutions–

It is unfortunate of Sahaswan that it has been““- ignored to provide educational & Medical facilities particularily by poiticians who ruled over Sahaswan.This is why that according to Census 2011 the literacy rate of Sahaswan is only near about 39.61% The population of local Sahaswan town is 65843 according to Census 2011.Inspite of having so large number of people there is not a single govt. degree college in Sahaswan.There is no govt. hospital with well equipped instruments.No serious case can be handled in the hospital.

There is a building of hospital only to show off with two or three doctors alongwith their limited staff..But some great social activists and kind hearted people established some educational institutions as.Panna Lal Nagar Palika Inter college– In1931 this college was Started by Panna Lal who was the District Magistrate of Budaun at that time in Brirtish rule.This school was started upto Middle class in five rooms only and that five rooms for the school were donated by Roy sahab from Jahangeerbad.Rest of the vast land for the building was donated by Meer Azhar Ali who was titled as “KHAN BAHADUR”in British rule. At that time Panna Lal was the District Magistrate of Sahaswan.It was the first college in the history of Sahaswan where diffrent subjects like Hindi,Sanskrit,English and Urdu were taught. Students from this college are illuminating the name of Sahaswan,not only in India but also in abroad.Students of this college are not only posted on high dignity in India but also in abroad. I also feel proud to be the student of this reputed college.
Madarsa Faiz-e-Aam- It was established by Molana Mohammad Hasan sb. In 1942 Madarsa Faiz-e-Aam was established in mohalla Harna Takiya and two years later In 1944 it was transferred to mohalla Nasrullaganj. This Madarsa proved itself as a Mile stone to demolish the darkness of ignorance. Molana Mohammad Hasan sb. was a noble and religious minded person.Undoubtely he was the pioneer of Urdu and Arbi education in Sahaswan. Molana Mohammad Hasan sb will always be rememberd for his tremendous job for the people of Sahaswan.
Promod Sanskrit degree college– In 1954 this college was established by Swami Anirudh Samdarshi.He was a great saint who struggled a lot to establish this college. He devoted his whole life to make this college prosper.He died here and his SAMADHI is situated in the college campus.PrushottamLal Bhadhwar from Ujhani donated a vast land for this college.

Pramod Inter college- This college was established by Nitya Nand Rander in 1956.There is a living legend in Sahaswan whose name is Syed Sagheer Ahmad.Nitya Nand Rander was very close associate of Syed Sagheer Ahmad.Once Syed Sagheer Ahmad suggested Nitya Nand Rander to establish a school in Sahaswan.In its early stage the school was started as a junior High School under a shadow.Students in this school used to sit on the floor.Nitya Nand Randor the Manager and the founder of this college appointed Chaturvedya Upadhyaye as a teacher in the school.Chaturvedya Upadhyaye was a very brilliant teacher.He was the man of discipline.He devoted his whole life to make the standard high of education.As a Principal he did many tremendous jobs for this college.For his outstanding performance and managment he was awarded by the President of India. Madarsa Jamiya Rizviya Barkatul Uloom– This Madarsa is situated in the heart of the city.This Madarsa has been getting progress since last few years.
Madarsa Ghulamaney Rasool. This Madrarsa is situated near the Munsif court. This Madarsa is too in running condition.
D.P. degree college–In 2011 this college was established by D.P. Yadav.[Ex.M.L.A.] Sahaswan] Once D.P. Yadav had promissed to the people of Sahaswan during his election compaign that if he won the election,then he would construct a degree college from his personal account. After the election D.P. yadav [ex-M.L.A] kept his words. Now this college is going to be a post graduate degree college.This college is very beneficial for the students particularily for girls who could not go out of Sahaswan to get higher education.

Govt. Girls inter College–This college is situated near Dak Bangla.This is a Govt. educational Institution.For the existence of this college particularily in case of arranging land for this college.Mr.Mohammad Asad [S.D,M.Sahaswan] will be remembered for ever.By his kind efforts,the land could be arranged.He collected the money from some well to do persons and brought the land.
People from both communities Hindu & muslim gave the financial aid to buy the land for the college.There is only one private secondery school affiliated by C.B.S.E. Board. in Sahaswan. Its name is Al-Hafeez-Educational Academy founded by Kaleemul Hafeez.This school is going to be a senior secondery school. Kaleemul Hafeez is an engineer in Delhi who basically belongs to Sahaswan.
M.A.Junior High School- This school was established in 1974 by Musharraf Husain Ansari.Azeem Babu Ansari and Hashim Ansari were his associates to establish the school.

Dr. Zakir Husain Public School–In 1990 this school was founded by Hafiz Mehmood-ur- Rehman sahab.There was a noble and religious minded man whose name was Syed Zahoor-ul-Hasan.He was a very close associate of Hafiz Mehmood-ur-Rehman. Hafiz Mehmood-ur-Rehman sb.was a noble man and I am the eye witness that at the age of 75+ he would come to school and looked after the managment of the school.It was the openion of Syed Zahoor-ul-Hasan to establish a private school based on muslim culture.At that time there was not any private school based on muslim culture education.Where moral education,etiquette and basic education could teach with discipline.Syed Zahoor-ul-Hasan could not establish the school because his economic condition did not permit him.Hafiz Mehmood-ur-Rehman could do this and he did this great job.Master Ansar Husain Quraishi was the first Head Master of this school.Later on Master Shariyat Husain sb.from Budaun became the Head Master of this school and he did a tremendous job to make the school success.I also started my teaching
career in this school under the guidence of Master Shariyat Husain sb.Hafiz Mehmood-ur-Rehman and Shariyat Husain devoted themselves to this school.Most of the Pvt.Primary School’s Head Masters are trying to adopt the education pattern created by them.
I am too managing a Pvt. Primary Public School upto 5th standard.The name of my school is M.L.Fatima.which is popularily known as Lady Fatima Public School.


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