Between Sad And World

By: C.P. Singh, Editor-ICN Group

There may be various reasons to become sad.

As soon as one becomes sad, he is “ Worldly Bad “.

Eats sorrow, thinks and uses calamities, wears clad,

Drinks the ocean of tears, within, openly glad.

One can be very happy by rains, others not,

Clouds do carry their effects, as we perceive.

Sky, clouds, rains on earth, regularly we got,

But well talked about, “Horizons”, ever deceive.

Rains are our beings and sun rays, happiness,

Once, both cooperate, we see a  “ Rainbow ”.

This world is a rainbow, if one swings I gladness,

“ Sad- tears “, seldom get takers for their sow.

Once, one becomes sad, his being, really sobs,

Own relatives , neighbours, and colleagues , gradually go.

Being’s thinking, ability , intellect and might robs,

Cries, laments, speaks and listens, his ( one’s) own echo.

Thus, alone becomes the sad, as owns’ loan,

Thoughts come along with, respiration  and heart beat.

Forgets the happiness of smiles with close owns,

Destiny cracks whip, and fruits of deeds do cheat.

Living beings live in the world, as fish in water,

And, sad ones are discarded, as dead fish, in the pond.

Life tries to continue, between sad and world, as barter,

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