Brew in My Cup

By: Rachna Mimani, Associate Editor-ICN

KOLKATA: The brew in my cup is the coffee that I drink every day and in a particular fashion. Not a gram here and there else it would spoil the taste that I feel satisfied with. So, to start with I like my coffee strong, piping hot and with enough milk froth to make my cappuccino smile, don’t add the sugar as it makes it sweet to me but others want more to balance out the sour in the brew.

People drink coffee every day in various combination. Some like it hot or cold, strong to mild or add just enough to get the flavour. The colour of which varies from black to white and thin to thick. As I mentioned I like my brew strong to light my senses up and give my day a perfect start. 

With every brew I sit with myself and here also I am sitting with one, as I write this article. 

The moment I look into my cup, I am constantly reminded of how it has to be empty to being able to fill just the other perfect coffee. The every brew that pours into our cup goes with not just water, milk and coffee. It’s the time that we spend to ourselves to think through and process the information that we have gathered so far.

So every cup that you brew at different time of the day has a different message and before every brew we pause to begin again. The first cup of coffee wakes you up to plan the day. The coffee at noon is sparking conversation and discussion while the evening cup is a life saviour. The coffee at night is special companion and friend to where I burn the midnight oil to make ideas come to life and spread their wings. 

The lessons that these cups help internalise are many. These cups have immense power, form starting a small conversation to brewing love stories. With millions of ideas being exchanged and opening of prospects for many.

The brew is being good even when we are lonely and sad. Life lessons are learnt while sipping my cup of coffee. The cup gives many but are few that I have nurtured. Empty yourself each time when you are meeting with someone. Which would mean to also let go of any presumption, apprehension and prejudice, to let you embraces the person in front in there, ‘as is form’.  

Whether hot or cold coffee it is always better to drink it once its served like wise its important to be present at the very moment .the most important thing at that time is the “Now” that you have everything else is away from reality cause we cannot change our past or predict the future, all that is happening is in this very moment.

To get a perfect brew you always need a perfect measure, and that’s what your tongue needs, so that it doesn’t hurts someone’s feelings when one speaks. Be the aroma that feels the room and is enough to excite the cells in brain. 

Sometimes it also ok to be on the side and just wait for the other to reach out as that might just work like my coffee just sitting by my side waiting for me to sip it down.


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