By: C.P. Singh, Literary Editor-ICN Group

Nature has regularly provided us either,

Day or night, at a time, factually, rather.

We feel and enjoy, exactly & not farther,

Just which is prevailing, nothing either.

Our feelings vary, as per prevailing factors,

Accordingly, we express or imply these sectors.

All these are ours, helping us as vectors,

As long as there are no adverse – factors.

We feel relieved and light, while in pleasure,

Otherwise is our might, in full-dark- weather..

Having friends and followers in bulk as treasure,

In all our fortunate and favorable days breather.

As soon as time changes  & darkness grips us

It is loneliness, the sole company, as we feel thus

Can not even suspect, who is what and how for us,

Grim availability of any own or friend in our black-fuss

Darkness is like a terror, accordingly it drags,

Every thing except ,my own soul, which lags.

Even my own shadow, disappears in sags,

Meaning of loneliness infuse & mind drags.

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