Excellence with G.O.P.T.A.© Series: Part 111 (Learn to subordinate your individual goals to the organisational goals)

By: Dr. Sanjay Kumar Agarwal, Sr. Associate Editor, ICN Group

(In the past article, we saw that you actually get paid for the value, not for time. Today, we will see how to subordinate your individual goals to the organisational goals.

Learn to subordinate your individual goals to the organisational goals

NOIDA: Develop an attitude of seeing the larger picture in your organization and then look for your role in the organization. Then only, you would be able to understand how to add value to your organization. If you start seeing the larger picture and clearly understand your role in the organization, you will never be in conflict with your organization at the level of thought process and will strive to add value to the workplace.

You might have noticed that in every organization, often the employees remain dissatisfied with their jobs. They are always crying about demanding job conditions; or are always interested in their choice of postings at their own city; etc. On the deeper analysis, I find only one reason behind this conflict. The employees are used to pursue their individual goals and they do not see the larger picture of their organizational goals and their role in achieving the same.

In any organization, the higher bosses see the larger picture and always strive to achieve the organizational goals. I take an example of a bank. To make the things simple to understand, I can say that broadly speaking, a bank is in the business of trading of money. It purchases money from the people at cheaper interest rates and lends to needy organizations/ persons at higher interest rates. The difference in average interest rates of buying & lending, minus expenses, is profit for the bank. Now top management of a bank will see the bigger picture and will always strive to maximise this profit element, either by focusing on cheaper source of money, or higher lending rates, or by cutting costs, or by attracting more & more clients to it by giving better services or attractive offers.

On the other hand, most of the subordinate staff see their job responsibilities and do not see the larger picture of the organisation. They do not understand their role in the organization. One has to understand his role in the organization and align his works towards the organizational goals. It is not so that only marketing people are earning money for the organization and accounting department or legal departments are just eating a pie of profits. No organization can run without accounting department, legal department and various other back office wings.

I am not a management guru and I am not sharing any complicated theories; but one thing I can assure that if you clearly understand your role in your organization and develop the attitude & habit of going extra mile in pursuit of achieving your organizational goals and adding value to your organization, your individual goals are bound to be achieved in one way or another. If you want to continue with your present organization, your bosses will notice your dedicated work and it will be beneficial to you in long run. Even if you want to change your job, your reputation will travel faster than you. Your next package will depend upon your image what you have built over long run. 

As Zig Ziglar puts it, “it is an absolute fact of life that when you do more than what you are paid to do, you will eventually be paid more for what you do.” 

Your role should be just to keep asking question to yourself, “what value I am adding to my organization?”

(In the next article we will see the importance of paying highest respect to your profession. I believe that you are enjoying the journey towards the future of your dreams with me. If yes, please stay tuned. Happy G.O.P.T.A.) 

Dr. Sanjay Kumar Agarwal, Creator of his trademark concept G.O.P.T.A.TM is an Author, Certified NLP Lifestyle Trainer, Strategic Interventionist, Corporate Trainer & Transformational Growth Coach (http://bit.ly/Signature-Workshops-Sanjay-Kumar-Agarwal) and recipient of Honorary Doctorate of Excellence (Management) by prestigious Young Scientist University, California, USA. He is creator of ‘Triple Your Chances’ program for growth & success ( www.tripleyourchances.in/tyc ). He is Founder of ‘International GOPTA NLP Academy’ and is popularly known among his fans & followers across the globe as ‘Time and Goal Guru’.

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