Fight Against Dirty And Lecherous Beasts

By: Mehwash Fatima

NEW DELHI: I don’t know much about other places, but here I am talking particularly about Delhi, as I am here since my childhood.Delhi is a very beautiful and fascinating city, no doubt. It has the best tourist places and best food. But, instead of all these, it has dark truths buried inside its beauty. We generally get to see the chimeras and the blooming streets, and shops. But very less people get acquainted with the gloom and horror hidden there.

In schools, shopping places, coaching centers and even in their homes, girls are not safe. But, here in Delhi, very less people live in joint families, most of them prefer a nuclear one. So, mostly girls are safe in their homes, due to their over concerned parents who don’t leave a single stone unturned to keep their daughters safe. But the problem doesn’t end there. Those daughters have to go to schools and coaching centers also, and to my despair, they are not a single bit safe there.

I myself have witnessed the molestation of my classmates and juniors in the coaching center I study. The teachers there not only touch them inappropriately but also grab and hug them whenever they get a chance. These days coaching centers have become a hub of molestation. Fortunately, I have saved myself, because as soon as I joined there, I all at once noticed and understood the behaviour and nature of those flirty teachers, irrespective of their married or unmarried status.

Distressing thing is that, the girls don’t have the valour to speak out these things to their parents, and this gives those beasts a second chance or I would say hundreds of chances.

Yesterday, I again witnessed a different case. I was on a local four wheeler that take the passengers to their respective places by paying rent. There, in front of me, a girl was sitting. She was completely covered with a burqa, only her eyes were visible.

After sometime, an old man with a tough physique boarded and sat just beside her. For some minutes, everything was ok. But then I noticed that the man folded his hands in such a way that it touched that girl’s bosom. He was trying to behave as if he doesn’t know anything, and everything is happening just unintentionally. I wasn’t able to stop myself, at that time I wanted to slap him hard, but I didn’t say anything as the girl herself didn’t say anything. She was noticing his acts but was feeling awkward in shouting at him. This continued for some minutes, she slightly moved that man’s hands away from her, but then again he moved his hands back, and continued doing the same.

I was about to say something to that sordid man, but before that the girl boarded off. I don’t know actually why girls bear all this. Why don’t they yell or scold on those rascals. Or I would say that they should slap at once.

Through this article, I just want to aware parents first that they should be frank to ask their daughters about their day in schools and coaching. I am afraid that eighty percent girls face this in their coaching, but are afraid to tell to their parents at home because of this fear that it might be the cause of discontinuing her education which is so precious for them. If the parents are frank enough, then, their daughters would comfortably tell them about all these misconducts. It’s very important.

And to all the girls, I just want to say that those disgusting persons have no power to do anything with you, so stop getting afraid, stop being this much introvert, stop bearing such stifling pain and humiliations, explain each and everything to your parents, they will surely understand you and make a way for you.

Those beasts are made for police lockups in this world, and hell in the afterlife. So don’t be silent, raise your voice, world is with you.

( The writer of this article is a budding writer. Her first novel is going to get published soon.)

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