From an Gynaecologist IVF Specialsit to Mrs Universe Artistic

Dr. Puja Dewan, surprised everyone by bagging the title of Mrs Universe Artistic and Mrs. Universe Eurasia for the first time from India at the 45th Mrs. Universe 2022 pageant at Sofia, Bulgaria. Over a 100 delegates across the world participated representing their countries. Dr Dewan represented India after having won back-to-back beauty pageants of Grehlakshmi Mrs. India 2022; Mrs India Kalinga Sundari 2022 and Mrs. Stunner 2022.

On the world platform of Mrs. Universe, she opined on the poignant issue of Domestic Violence both as an international problem and an issue deeply rooted within India. She elaborated on the Section 498A under Indian Penal Code which made Dowry harassment and death a punishable offence and The Protection of Women against Domestic Violence Act which came in 2005. Dr. Dewan being a gynaecologist, Infertility specialist and a medico- legal expert shared her experiences.

Dr Puja represented India in the national costume of a Rajasthani Bride dress adorned with glasswork in the queen of colours magenta and bright yellow representing strength and festivity. Her poise was exhibited through the traditional Mudra’s of the classical dance of Kathak which enchanted the audience which brought in much applause.

Based out of Delhi- NCR, Dr. Puja Dewan is a successful gynaecologist, IVF specialist and a laparoscopic surgeon at Apollo Fertility, South Delhi and Noida; and also runs her own center Arcady Women Healthcare and Fertility. A doctor, professional singer, a Professor at Jamia Hamdard University at Delhi;a show host; an inspirational speaker..she wears many hats successfully. She has several awards to her accolades including the prestigious award of Mumbai Ratan Award by the Maharashtra Government for Social Work in the Field of Health; a biographic film for her work in Covid times and on music therapy; Swaavlambhika Award to name a few. A double doctor with both MBBS and PhD, she holds several academic degrees.

A Fellow of the Royal Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists; Member Outreach Committee of National Association of Reproductive and Child Health; and Public Coordinator of Association of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists at Delhi are some of the apical organisations she represents. Lately, she raised the issue of Violence Against Doctors at the national level. Philanthropic in nature, she successfully runs YouTube channel on Health especially centric on woman and has worked relentlessly for the National Service Scheme, Women Development Cell and also raised charity for Breast Cancer Awareness.

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