“I And My Friendship”

By: C.P. Singh, Associate Editor-ICN

” My Friendship” 

I may not be able to solve your life’s all problems

But I may give you company to search answers for.
I may not be able to relieve you from all your pains,
Pertaining to your past unsaid stories , so mar.
I may not be able to rectify all your earlier sprains,
But I can very well be there in all your pains and par.
Once you stumble on walks of your life’s journey,
I may offer my hands to hold so that you do not fall.
Your Every success , joy and happiness are all yours ‘ honey,
I will be happy seeing your laughs louder and tall.
Life’s every step and judgements are yours own money,
I may be there as your help ensuring , you do well , all.
I may ever support , encourage in your journey,
When ever you need me and ask for it , at all.
I may wait for ever well being of my friend in you,
Will pray for you everyday , without fail.
I may not be able to provide Horizon and space , liked by you,
But , can provide a room, where you can be well gale.
I may not be able to prevent your heart from breaks, hurts n woo,
But, I will cry with you, and help you pick up all pieces and put them back , well hale.

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