Integrity Is The Need Of The Hour: Part 2

By: Mohammad Salim Khan, Sr. Sub Editor-ICN Group

SAHASWAN/BUDAUN: Integrity is not a simple word if we try to peep into the bottom of this word,then we will feel the significance of this word.It plays a very significant role  to make a nation developed and great. Our great nation India is known as a great country all over the world.There are three  bad things are found in ourselves, Jealousy, Backbite, and Leg pulling. These three bad things are the main interruption of our society’s development.1- Jealousy–[HASAD] The man is going to be very jealous from others success. we never want to notice his struggle and his dedication to his duty but only we notice his luxeries and begin to jealous from his success.We just irritate at him and make our blood pressure high to see ones pleasures.It is the meaning of [HADEES SHAREEF]saying of Prophet Mohammad Sahab [PBUH] that a jealous man as  burns as wood burns in oven so we should not be jealous fom anybody.2–Backbite– [GHEEBAT] Backbite  has become a loving and interesting  time pass occupation of ourselves. It is mostly found that when a group of people sit together in a meeting, then backbiting of other persons and even those friends who are absent in the meeting is the main and loving topic of the day.Backbiting of any person in his absence is a very major sin.It is the meaning of [HADEES SHAREEF]  saying of Prophet of Mohammad Sahab [PBUH] that if someone backbites of other man in his absence,then it is just like that as he eats the flesh of his own real dead brother. If we abuse anyone in his absence,then our good deeds transfer in his account and his bad deeds [to whom we abuse] transfer in our account.3– Leg pulling— [TAANG KHEENCHNA]–  As we all know that  if some one is getting progress in his business or in his job,then it is the habbit of mostly people to pull the leg of him. If some one gets a govt. job in his entire family or colony, then he thinks himself that no other man is as intelligent as he.Not only it he tries to misguide his junior inspite of providing a appropriate guidline to him.After sometime he begins to laugh at jobless candidates.If someone wants to stand himself & to occupy a place in a respected environment, respected job faculty and he tries to do something more different,then his own circle people try to demorlize him and  to discourage him.Now a days it has been the habbit of a common man that he is not suffering from his own adversity but he is suffering from others prosperity. It is useless to irritate from others prosperity because Almighty GOD wants whatever and whoever gives limitless. It is HIS own discretion nobody can interfere in His decision, so why should we feel jealous? It is the duty of an educated and well settled man that he shuold co-operate the needy fellows.I think, that “DARIYA BAN KAR KISI KO DUBANEY SE BEHTAR HEY KI ZARIYA BAN KAR KISI KO BACHAYA JAYE”.It is better to save somone becoming a source than to drown, becoming a cyclon.It means it is better to save the life of some one, providing him bread & butter,shelter and employment than to hurt, and to harm some one.I think  that service of mankind is the service of God. Either we offer 5 times of Namaz, keeping fast throughout the year, or we go to temple and church daily for many times to please the God, but we do not please the human beings, if we do not swipe the tears of poor, if we do not serve food for needy hungry man, and if we do not cover the body of a naked person with a piece of cloth, then it is useless to offer 5 times Namaz, keeping fast and going to temple and church because God dwells in the heart of the man. It is our unfortunate that we continuoue try to break the heart of the man and that is the dwelling place of God.Then how it can be possible that breaking the heat of someone we expect  that our prayers and our devotion activities should be accepted by God, If we really want to live a peacefully life with pleasure,then we will have to please others.It is the simple formula to stay a stress free life.If we want to educate our children with success then we will have to educate the poor and needy children.If we want to keep ourselves away from diseases,then we will have to provide good treatment for the poor and helpless people.we should try to adopt this formula Insha ALLAH we will be benifited. It is my personal views if any minor or major error is found in this article I excuse for that and I am not responsible for the same.

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