Just When…..

By: Klinsa Kurien, Bureau Chief-ICN Kerala

Just when the Rose’s begin to bloom…

Just when the skies clear up..

Just when the children go to school 

Just when the world goes to work….

Just when our parents begin to age…

Just when our future is full of uncertainties….

Comes a virus in full swing.

Which comes as a blow..

To all our dreams and stop us from growth

Emerging from a remote lab..

Into the bodies of men and beast…

We got a great lesson to learn

To stay indoors and earn

To debunk the lavish lifestyle once lived….

To spread more love and cheer..

To spend valuable family time…

And say you are mine…

This lockdown taught us to unlock our up’s.

And greet each other with a cup of good cheer.

To stop waxing and waning about life’s luxuries..

To lead a fulfilling life..

Worthy and pleasing to God and Man…

Let us all vouch for a healthy earth!


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