Know Thyself -Judgement Day

By: Vijay Kumar Verma (Editor-ICN Group)

SHIMLA: We often wonder how our karmas of life are assessed by God at the end of our lives on the day of Judgement . The theory of karma talk about repercussions of good or bad karmas. But still the surveillance of God may not be functional round the clock for everyone, many of us believe. Obviously there is hardly any evidence to witness all our karmas, they feel.  How and when one is prompted to perform bad karmas. Obviously when it is dark, there is no one around, one is closeted in fortified area,  or one is alone to make the blunder.

Bhagwat Puran delail about an interesting  conversation between angels (representatives of Nayayan) and yamdoots when they had come to take away a soul for the Judgement Day. The Yamdoots logically  clarified that the human karmas are weighed on the scale of  Vedas’ prescribed theory (Ved Nihit Karam). Just ponder over the clarifications provided by them.

We don’t  take the soul to heaven or hell just like that and punish it . The  Yamraaj’s Jury takes stock of karmas based on14 evidences who never lie. It is very interesting to know about these 14 evidences as related by them. These are:FIVE elements of human body (pachbhootas) namely Earth, Water, Fire, Ether, and Air.EIGHT elements of time and space namely Kaal,  Dasha,  Disha,  Akash, Sun, Day, and  Night

And the last evidence and the most important one is that of your own instincts (indriyan). You know there are 10 basic instincts that govern our lives. Five related to our body (karmendriyan) and five related to our consciousness (gyamindriyan).

Out of these 14 evidences one can betray time and space elements by hiding indoors,  body elements that evaporate and merge with their origin entity. But still there are the 10 basic instincts that are ready to give evidence against you. Because it was with the involvement of these very insticts (indriyans) one had performed the good or bad karma. And after death their is no mind and knowledge to protect the selfless soul. Because you have performed these  karmas through these instincts (indriyan) they will not deny the performance of karma .The way they say that your own evidence has gone hostile one cannot escape the final judgement.

Dear all, beware we are always under the surveillance of GOD, round the clock. There is no way that we can escape the evidence or suppress it. There is no place one can hide to perform karma to remain unnoticed. Our own instincts which prompt us to perform the karma that will go against us. While the soul remains unattached to the karmas, it is the sukshm sharirah which remains attached to it and records karmas on the basis of which karamphal is decided.And till this sukshm sharirah remains attached one cannot escape the phal.

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