Let India Feel Indiology

By: Amresh Kumar Singh ( Asstt. Editor-ICN Group )

LUCKNOW: ‘Indiology’ an alien word without its historical and cultural existence, isn’t it? Yes, it is. It is the beauty of technology, every time it mongrel with the appreciable tradition; its conglomerated outcome proved out to be fantabulous and unrivalled. History deciphers that; the traditional javelin won the battles and swords adorning the beauty of the brave heart of the nation. But Babar conqueror the land of brave kings ‘India’ because he had the very high standard technical tank that vomited the canon of turkey that proved to be the overwhelming weapon for the Magna opus of ancient India.

Technical aspects have shown its power at every era, but the problem is that in the period of humans planning to settle on Mars; a mass of ordinary thinking is still stumbled on the peculiar traditional thought. We are always puzzled by the outcome of failure while those who tried for the outcome of success, they created the history and became immortal. They were not only exonerated by the daily day routine; instead, they decided the daily day routine of millions of their followers and the employers.

Every time an adolescent tries his/her best with his/her innovative ideas, the great pedants of the environment starts pulling his or her legs. It seems intellectual thinking proves out to be too heavy on the mindset of the pedagogue and the connoisseur; as a result, they try their best to put down the morale of that individual. The condition is exacerbated with the concomitant disturbing effort of forcing that particular talent to give up with his ideas and follow the comfort root that ends up with the human doing a favour to nature by breathing in peace here. But believe it or not; intellectual and determined are born insane, they can go to any extinct to prove their insanity a crazy implementation of their ideas that further become the boon and need of the great guns opposing him/her at its threshold.

The power of technology is the rise of Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, Facebook etc. while the destruction of Kodak, Nokia, HMT and others. The technology made the unknown creature the king of his/her dynasty while the giants crying for the tradition over technology are lost in the darkness of the oblivion.

Let us ignore the lost horse, let us concentrate no race participants yet the winning horse. Let us talk about the ideas and its implementation. Ignoring the traditional definition of an idea, an idea is practically the dream of non-existence that can ease the doing of human beings. Absolutely, getting an idea and its implementation are two different prospects but have we ever seen inside us? Do we the power of thing new at least? No, we haven’t. The brain that can generate the ideas is the blessed soul.

Unfortunately, we humans have a habit of ignoring the gems between us. It might be the reason that deities decided to dwell in the temples and mosques. An idea need many efforts for its implementation. Funds, dexterity, guidelines, supports and other are the critical factor that decides the future of an idea. You have to believe it that India is the country where Britishers are abused on the eve of freedom with the dream of youth being well established in the United Kingdom.

Most of the European countries believe in exhuming the intellectual talent, and they conglomerate the funds through charity or donations by the ruling organisation so that an idea can be implemented successfully. The concomitant supports by the government and private sector results in the ruling technical outcome as the needy as well as the commercial products but in our country we want the final product, the great minds always dreaming of enjoying the company of running train. Am I wrong? It takes much time for an Indian to implement his/her idea in India while once the brains are drained, and they become popular with the same idea in any foreign country, we become very proud by considering them as CEO of the world-ruling nation.  Wow, what a patriotism we have. Haven’t we?

We are blessed that we are breathing in the era where Indians are making the nation proud by the successful implementation of their ideas. This has been possible because the limited experts of this age are not repeating the mistakes that they faced by the self-claimed experts of their time. India is the second most populated country, and we are known for our brains too. When there is the mass of minds, it’s evident that the number of positives and negatives will be in masses, so are the ideas. But how many of them are successfully implemented? Few, very few.   

History is not essential, but future is the need. Let us learn from the mistakes of our dead brain experts. Let us learn from the history creators. Let India breathe the technology, let Indians implement the ideas in India, make them feel the power of technology. If a one-man idea is executed successfully, this will give birth to the new organisation and its add-on. It will create the unique opportunity for employment. Marks Zuckerberg took only ten years to become more powerful personality than the Sachin Tendulkar and Amitabh Bachchan. It is vitriolic but true.  This is the power of technology. Do support it. Let us know the world that we are ready for the ‘Indiology.’ Are we? Can we?  

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