By: C.P. Singh, Literary Editor-ICN Group

One has got a fixed span to live,

Provided by nature, unknown to our- hive.

Lucky are those, who are living- shrive,

Privileged are human-beings, at high skive.

As a boon from creator, we are human,

Master of all animals, as prime- lumen

Controlling atmosphere, Earth as show-man,

Brain provides us ability, to do all true-man.

Man is a grace of God,:” ab- initio” to be so,

It is only by birth, nothing acquired to grow.

Humanity if added, it becomes Human-Pro,

It is a credit to self, hard to earn and show.

Life has got it’s own- specific- purpose to do,

Which gets fulfilled by becoming Human- woo.

Oriented well, it seems by one’s serving- loo,

Positive lived, as desired & exploited they boo.

All lives are not equally admired, ideal or fake,

They are here, to continue, while nothing to take.

Human beings are carrying their society & make,

Inhumanity seems to be a load on our Earth-deck.

It has got regular varied explanations here,

Changing every- individual in full or share.

Every one is free to deal life as and where,

Also to preach by deeds to others as aware.

Leading own life, is the only way, we know,

As a frog in the well, considers it a show.

Inability & unawareness do play and go,

Situations do create a person, to lie-low.

While working, one thinks to be at his best,

Barring exceptions, he works legally to take rest.

Be it wrong, per others’ view, being a social pest,

But they justify themselves to destroy others’ nest.

Even then we remember, some for their deeds,

Lord Rama, Ravana and Hanuman for separate deeds.

We are none to evaluate others’ & their lives’ leads,

As they all have done the best, as per their heeds.

There is no defined parameter for an ideal life,

It changes per head, who leads it’s real drive.

Even then people say, some as good and vive,

Others they list as, bad or otherwise to thrive.

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