By: C.P. Singh, Editor-ICN Group 


A Global Calamity attacks our planet as well our entire human race . Suddenly everything was announced closed . This closure affected everything on the Earth , yes , everything .Whatever we can see , whatever we can perceive , whatever we can think about and all aspects on the Earth were affected by it . Everyone knows that this pandemic has to affect human beings only , even then every animal , every plant , even rivers are not spared .  We see the street dogs , they too are very much perturbed these days . 

When calamities grab our races and start troubling us , one by one or even in groups and mass,

Every aspect surrounding us gets affected and worried , seeing main life in trouble and in mess .

The World starts feeling as unsecure , particularly when there seems no clear cure but to toss ,

Every life around us , moving or not , gets astonished in such a peculiar life threatening chess .

When Industries Closed 

No one was even aware that there is going to be a long closure of activities around the Globe . The situation alarmed and most of the countries opted to go for a complete “ Lock – Down “ in their respective Sates . In real sense , most of us were not even  knowing the theory and practical aspects of this situation .  Every big and small industry and factory was closed on the day it was declared . They are waiting to open but this period of wait is so prolonged that one said , “ This closure of sixty days will remain loaded on industries up to sixty months .” the main back bone of industries , seems to have been fractured . 

Unexpected it was , unprecedented too, which none have ever seen or heard , but it was ,

No one was aware , what this situation signifies ? How we will have to behave and deal it ?

Even then , once it was imposed , it became a reality all around , and held each, where he was,

Once everything is closed , the activities got their halt and none could do for what one was fit .

Now main difficulties that our industries are facing to  restart after a prolonged closure are :

For any establishment , long closure means more that usually said . We all are optimistic for their overall well being once they come to open . Their difficulties are obvious but they have to come up for their activities and for their days to come .

More days are these for any industry to remain closed , never before , easily one can say ,

But they are closed , machines rusting , managers and workers out and technical staff away .

It will be difficult for a while to restart them , when ever said to do so , with all ability and may ,

They have lost more than these days indicate on paper , even then fully determined are they .

To re establish coordination amongst restarting industries and reopening markets .

Every aspect and every parameter on the Earth will be opening afresh , once these days are over . They have to perform and they will do as well . Markets will also come out of their prolonged hibernation . They were well here previously but they will require a fresh beginning . 

For any Industry to do well , many parameters are there to cooperate and run well ,

Market is one of them , where the produce has to be sent , for it’s sale to the users .

All this was doing well previously , which got closed under calamity’s one clear tell ,

All these parts of our system have to come up in coordination , as industrial pushers .  

There is a big danger of  Corona Infection prevailing in dealers and shop owners .

Where and where not this calamity has knocked as it’s alarm to force closure and get it’s affects on various factors and life .  May God save and protect them all , who are infected by it . If any one or more of our industrial sector have suffered , they need to be fully cured and recovered . Once they are fully fit only then they are supposed to be part of this all , as usual .

Everyone on the Earth is praying for each and every infected person to get fully cured soon ,

All are requesting The Almighty that none else should contact this virus , any more , afresh . 

All remaining live need the perfect protection of Our Almighty , as their present valuable boon,

Those Industrialists , dealers , sellers and all workers are needed there hale , healthy and fresh .  

Complicated administrative guidelines like complete checking of Corona infection in each and every person before engaging them on the job . 

Restarting any closed industry , seems easy but it has got many unseen unperceived and uncalled far hurdles too . Everything has to be sanitized , hygienically cleaned and fully serviced to come and commence . What to say about workers , managers , engineers and all others who do it work ? They all are supposed to be fully examined as if they are infection free and fit to work . A big job it is .

Scrutiny , servicing , repairing , examining and curing are all required , for them to take up ,

Every aspect of the system will be subjected to it’s diagnosis, and examined at it’s level best .

Human Capital will be tested seriously before being subjected to work , stirring and shake – up ,

Finding everything in order , only then they will allow this all to start up , after this long rest .

These expenses pertaining to diagnosis will not be paid by the administration

The Government is already under a tremendous pressure of enormous expenses . Too much has already been done to protect and save human beings .   Now they are reluctant , rather unwilling to pay for these expenses . This intention will bother industries a lot because they are already under closure since long . Even then the things need to move on and they will move as well .

Any Industry under closure becomes and seems a little helpless , even for their smaller aspects,

What to say about big ones , it even hesitates to go for minute repairs and renovations in it . 

When one has , it is easy , once no means . it becomes difficult for their day to day defects , 

They are eagerly seeing towards The Government for their time bound help and subsidies in it .  

Daily consumption of sanitizer in the factory and it’s arrangement .

It seems very small topic to say about sanitizers etc in the factory , be it big or small . But for an outfit which is non productive since long , this small load is also like a burden . It is required on daily basis for every aspect on an industry . It seems difficult for a reopening entrepreneur . 

Small expense it seems for the normal days of any industrial unit , to go for it’s cleanliness ,

But that also appears to be huge when one is not doing since long , in these days of closure .

They have to work , they have to start , they have to keep every one fit and alive , steeliness ,

They will come up strong , they will do it all , they will regain their strength , with fine exposure .

To provide quality masks to each and every employee and worker .

Every Industry is supposed to provide good quality masks to each and every person belonging to it . Really it seems to be a very small topic for any industry or for any entrepreneur , but the days are so cruel that even small topic appears as big .

The days indicate and determine the style and quality one walks on the same path , as usual ,

When things are normal and favourable , even tougher seems easy , and we sail our boats .

The same topic , when things and parameters are against ,say us to rethink , recheck perusal ,

Same is the situation of our closed industries , who then fed elephants , now unable for goats.

Arrangements in office and factory regarding social distancing i.e shifting of machinery etc.

Every Industry has to make sure that there is a proper arrangement regarding social distancing in their offices and also in their factory premises. This is essential , is one part but it is difficult that is second and important part . They have to do it and they have to incur expenses on them .

Every machine , every office arrangement and all fixtures need to be rearranged , re fixed,

To make distance between every two seats in the office and in factory , where they stand .

This requires every thing to be shifted from one place to other for distance and all unmixed ,

Well said , perceived and taken but , it will require too much money , to really do into sand .

No arrangement of uninterrupted transport amongst nearby districts .

In the present non similar  conditions it is difficult for the places to maintain coordination between one place to other . Then how one can suppose that smooth transport will be readily possible for the industrial goods and industrial products in these semi open market days ? This may create problems for the difficultly produced goods  to reach their destination hassle free . Yes uneasy it may be . 

One of the main factors that any industry requires , is , the smooth and uninterrupted transports,

This enables any factory to get raw material easily and send it’s products to desired market places.

In the present situation we fear some or more hurdles in it due to legal and implementing orts , 

Which may ultimately put undesired pressures on various parameters of Industrial races . 

Many or most of the regular workers have gone to their native villages, in the meantime .

Workers have gone to to their native places , is a fact . They were told that their job is not continuing now hence they may preferably leave , There was no conveyance or any public transport available , Even then they went . It was very troublesome for them as well as to the general viewers .  But they have almost gone back to their places . Now it is difficult to call them back . so soon or so cheap ?

Worker , officers . managers , engineers and technicians have all left their place of work,

They have almost reached their native places , though very difficultly , but they are gone .

Now , as industry has to start , they need work force , of all the types , to get proper work ,

It seems difficult to get that in the same terms and conditions , so soon and so promptly on ? 

No proper coordination between districts to have similarities in arrangements .

Arrangements to restart each and every industry is required to be done by the Government and the Administration . Presently it seems un coordinated amongst all districts in question . If the situation continues , it will be difficult for the industries to restart smoothly .

Each and every district , which has got anything to do with any industry , should go for,

Proper coordination amongst all such districts , to facilitate all industries operating there . 

If any how they fail to provide such facilities , they might disturb their industries so mar , 

Which in turn will put these units into operating and financial troubles , unlike they were ?


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