By: C.P. Singh, Editor-ICN Group 

PART: 13

Every time gets it’s mention in history , be it in any way or of any type and taste . Present days will also be taken on some pages when some one intends to write . They will say something about the varieties of days which travelled through this period and made the persons living on this Earth realize the real potency of time. So many persons have written too much in the praise of this factor of life called “ Time”. Literature pertaining to every era is filled with the descriptions about the peculiar beings of time. Today in all respects , will also get it’s mention anyway . 

History is the description of events and scenarios of any period , depicted in writers’ words, 

It does mention almost all the topics , considered owing for that era , narrating it’s continuity . 

When  writers will describe this unique period of “Lock – Down “ to the then world, afterwards ,

They are supposed to include these millions who are marching hunger on the roads , with amity .


Are These Marching Millions , Writing History ?

One by one every festival of our Country is passing slowly , gradually , calmly unnoticed , as if no one has got anything to do or say with them . Just imagine the enthusiasm in our countrymen during these festivals. What caused them to become so unwilling to celebrate anything ? Every place , every venue where anyone can celebrate anything, is closed . Even smaller functions are not noticed from anywhere. 

Changes are pertinent to the world , to eras as well as to the humanity , who live there then,

Every change has it’s own reason, it’s own version, it’s own impact on life itself, if one says so . 

One calamity has stolen every celebration , every gathering , every collective enthusiasm , when,

Nothing seems happening even in the ever great days ,every one is hesitant, saying “celebrations go “. 

Gone seems the celebrations pertaining to birthdays , anniversaries etc. One can not even dream to arrange any function like marriage , reception or so . The functions which need advance booking of everything , are also not seen . Bookings cancelled , programs postponed and so on . What made everyone think otherwise for gatherings and get to gathers ? Why people are not moving out of their houses ? “ Keep Distance “ is the main theme for today to live . Everything seems changed .

Every advance booked celebration postponed , every idea to celebrate afresh has been blocked ,

When will things get normalized? when people will meet each other freely as before they used to ?

Time is troubling us in the name of calamities and we all are the obedient slaves with it , so locked , 

Living beings are supposed to  adjust and live with the nature following all the rules fully infused to .

We ever felt proud in saying , since our beginning , that our Country is a pious place on the Earth where every time has some or more festivals . Someone wrote in a column that India is a place of Non – top Festivals . It indicate something . All of a sudden a calamity strikes and everything got closed .  A Country of ours , where festivals kept their standing in every era . I presume that none of us , who are present nowadays , has seen such situation ever .Our Country is not habitual of living without deeds . We remain ever busy in some activities , be they productive , positive , entertaining or else . We are really active human beings and hence ever busy . 

People are ever busy in various activities of their likings and compulsions , be it any day or time,

Our Country being a festival packed Nation, witnesses non stop celebrations, through out the years.

Everyone is habitual of all such busy beings , along with our routine duties, hobbies as prose rhyme ,

Present restrictions have made us captive , idle and non doing lots , having no  outcome and cheers .

One can not imagine even a week’s time  to pass without any small celebration or so . Be it a birthday , which does attract people towards that house and the person concerned . And now a days ? No gathering . No celebrations . If our Country is an electronic device , everything going on is it’s programs . As if some admin or an operator as pushed a pause key. Everyone knows that our people are never used to or comfortable with stopping of activities . As soon as there is any reason to say , they come prepared , start gatherings and enjoy everything in the name of celebrations . And now a days , they are starving for any such celebration . Disgusting is this for all and sundry but all are equally unable to help.

Can we put a tight lid on our core born enthusiasm? No , not at all , it can kill our varying spirits,

Really , this is important joy coming out of our own selves , that keeps our being move -live – alive .

As if we are floating in the oceans of unmeasured calamities and tragedies, having our own merits ,

Can we not verify our own realities ? What are we , where did our passion disappear, or gone to dive ?  

We do not even think to go for any verification about realism , even we do not bother for it . If we look at the situation of Lock Down in other countries of the world , we find so many persons out on the roads . Even some developed nations , where infections and casualties are more , people are rebelling and protesting on the roads . Some writers , thinkers and public figures even tried to instigate our masses to go for all this , even then , it is very less to say . People are tired of this even then we must obey rules . 

Everyone is seeing and realizing “ Lock – Down “ for the very first time in life , even then ,

All are forced and made captive , as if they all are habitual of such situations , though not.

Who is guiding them to obey all  restrictions or to discard them and run on the road when,

There is no cure known for this pandemic , other than social distancing , leaving every knot .  

Everyone knows that Lock – Down , Social Distancing and protections of self are the only ways available to us in this prevailing medicine less pandemic. People were intelligent enough who did whatever was told .None was knowing , none is knowing anything better in this regards . Even if astonished and confused , we are here to obey all as told . As and as the time is passing, everyone is collecting know from  the world . One can say that now people are more equipped with knowledge about it .  

When there is no medicine , no proper know how , world is prudent when it restricts self,

And keeps distance from others , washes hands regularly, remains away from public places.

This has saved so many from being infected and suffering endless botherations leaving elf,

Please stay home, stay away, stay ever clean and protect yourselves and all our human races . 


A Mammoth Crowd Of Workers On The Earth , Is It For The First Time ?

When one says that these poor persons , who are workers of some industries in our own country , they are walking uncared on the roads . Do they belong to some other sector , species or cadre in humanity ? They are born and brought up in our country . They became youth in their native place and were forced by their prevailing pressing circumstances to go to some other places in our country itself to work and earn their livelihood . They started their respective jobs in various states and districts . Everything went on . They did their level best for the factories and their employer paid them something to run their live . 

The way they are walking uncared, the way they are said no at work , the way they treated,

Indicates their standing on this Earth , yes , only their work is needed , no other touch either . 

One who extracted products from their flesh , for years together , disowned them , unfretted , 

Where should they go now ? Who is there to demand them? Nor the factory , owner neither ?   



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