By: C.P. Singh, Editor-ICN Group 

PART: 15

Our Country is a conglomeration of so many tradition believing people. So many languages. So many ways of life being opted by the civilians here.

Every three hundred kilometers change the language , change the social norms , celebrations and even the festivals.Whatever be the diversities they all are having one thing in common that is they all are Indians . They use different foods , daily dresses and likes and dislikes .Agriculture is also different in various regions and they grow different crops as well .

Various changes are visible in every life related parameter , by moving even a little distance , 

Ways of conversation, languages, general behaviours , life styles as well as the how they deal .

Be the difference in all factors but they all are human beings and Indians without a but lance,

They eat , dress , like , dislike , pets , festivals of their own , and grow whatever better they feel .

Rich Diversity And Multicultural Traditions

A big Country is ours in area as well as in population . Everything differs in any two extremes of our loving country .North differs with south in traditions , languages , food , life styles , dress and also rituals . West has got too much that differs to East . Every parameter of life differs from place to place . Even when everything varying the human core is the same . All of us are Indians and though having everything un similar , they all have one thing in common that is our Nationality . Whatever differs is more in number even then less conspicuous as compared to  what is similar is core in quality. That is why we all are called similar .   

Variety and multiplicity are well describing aspects pertaining to our distance related topics , 

Our thinking in the same direction , in favour of our country , is really a very peculiar similarity .

A very vast area and populace recite our beings in so many distinctions , elaborations and epics ,  

Even then , we are in no way different in National feelings , be we rich ,poor or else in  clarity. 

The Troublesome Travelers ( So Called Migrants ) Issue  

In normal days and in general conditions , no one knows how many persons are living away from their native places , elsewhere in our own country , to earn their livelihood , daily wages family needs . They are living there and there since long from generations to generations . They became experts in a particular aspect or work hence they are required in various factories , industries and other so many jobs . They are the needs of those entrepreneurs and in turn they need them for their wages etc. 

We could never imagine the quantum , cadre and effectiveness of the work force , living away ,

They kept going , living and returning in routine , without any mention in people’s core think .

One even does not exactly know the number of own villagers migrated here and there in sway, 

Once they started returning at a particular time , they made everyone see and realize their sink . 

In some of the place in our country , there are too much developments, industrialization and hubs of factories . They require work force which that area is not in a position to provide . At the same time there are so many places in our country itself where population is more which says as workforce is more , but there is no work for them to do . They started moving from non industrial areas to those industrial areas , since very beginning . This tradition made them experts and skilled workers for that field . 

More and more developed are so many areas in our country itself , having too much good,

They contain industries , factories and other work places, who require so many workers in .

The work eager persons from poor places, start moving in search of jobs, they need or would,

Creating a big number living and working far away from their homes, not well known but to kin. 

Before they grew old , they called their children there and made them experienced as they are . This went on and the areas remained the same . Workers continued migrating from their native place to that so called work place from generation to generation . None took any heed for the bother that continued for so many years .  

Once they start working , they become skilled and experienced in that job anywhere so distant,

They call their family members to work there , to earn a bit , creating more workers for the job.

Generations get into it , ensuring future workforce for those tasks, in a family atmosphere cant ,

 None bothered or have any sincere look into this aspect of our society, which continued hob knob .  

The Industrial areas kept growing and went on hiring so many workers from the so called labour surplus areas of our own country . When a process is going on smoothly and in harmony , that too pleasing everyone , it does not attract the thinkers and responsible persons about it . The Economic and social studies ever hint that the areas with with industries must have workers residences nearby .

Every era was knowing , every thinker and reader was well aware, that disparities are doing it all,

As everything went on well , none even bothered to shake a smooth moving collaboration of them.

Once a calamity driven “Lock – Down “ made the situations at those work places very difficult call , 

They stared feeling extremely uneasy for them to continue there , with their young ones in that helm .

Be they arranged by the industrialists themselves as is the case in Jamshedpur , where Tatas have planned a city for their workers before they established their industry . Every industrialist should do like this to facilitate their workers . Every book on Industrial Topics ever elaborate, apart from all other aspects , the necessity of availability of workforce in the area of industry itself . If it was available in the villages nearby or they should plan a township for their workers . 

Workers are extremely important factor for any industry or factory to run it smoothly there ,

They might come from nearby places , villages or even managed and housed in own township .

Workers do need job for their routine to run , they even reach very distant places , any where, 

But , whenever the days are not good , it becomes horrible for them to run life under such whip . 

None could see the situation that can arise in days to come . None could perceive what happened these days . Anyone can come and put one’s logic that such situations are the results of tragic calamities which no one can foresee , But the books and the ethical norms ever indicate that , “ Please think and plan for your workforce “ . When a crowd of workers is lamenting on the roads , on one could even imagine what to do . Years after year have gone , everything on this Earth achieved various developments but these workers who are on their jobs in various factories and industries are in the same conditions . They are thousands of miles away from their respective native places , because where they belongs to , there are no jobs and where they are on the job , there are no houses for them .

Who can read the realities of their agonized hearts ? Who can really lament with them on roads ?

Who Can  perceive the pain of  these hungry stomachs ? Who can read the tears of these red eyes ?

Even if I offered water to them and forcibly made them drink , can that irrigate their cores’ inroads ?

Their tears have dried , their pains crystallized, burnt are the sorrows within , leaving ashes’ disguise ? 

When our sensitive, humanitarian and ever kind  Prime Minister says , “ The plight of marching labourers can not be expressed in words “, he means it . What he further says –

These hungry workers marching on the roads are our own persons , we ever belong to ,

They are having neither today nor tomorrow in their hands , but resolute to march on .

Their family members with kids are in pathetic conditions , who bothers ? right wrong who ?

No words , no literature , no rhyme can fully tell their plight , who’s everything seems gone ?

No one is untouched from the  thrashings of Cruel Corona Virus but the poor are the most affected .

The present Corona Virus and it’s related “ Lock – Down “ has affected everyone on Earth,

Everyone is stranded , helpless and unmoved , just to respect the time instructed calamity .

Though every power including Government is busy helping these poor, in present dearth,

They are really in pathetic conditions of life , how to make them happy in their days of pity ? 

The present situation has prompted us to introspect the past and to visualize the teachings for the future such events , if any .  

Seeing kids , their mothers and fathers on the roads , marching to reach their native place , 

How much is inside them as food? How much are they holding on their heads? coins they hold ?

We must read the reasons for their present situation ? And must grasp the teachings in solace ? 

This prompts us to do something to restructure their future for real betterment in actions bold ?  

The capabilities and caliber of our people living in Eastern parts of our country have shown  that they are able to reach our Nation to further new heights . 

People living in Eastern part of our Country are really very laborious , to create miracles ,

They are so heroic and fearless that they are mostly working far away from their homes .

They even planned to walk on foot to reach their native places , shows their caliber grills.

If they can perform in calamities like this , they can reach our Nation to heights en looms .

The portion of our country which has capability to become the “Growth Engine” of our country , it must be well developed .

The Eastern part of our Country , which has the capabilities to become our “ Growth Engine “,

Is not yet so developed , prompting such “labour migrations “ to bring shame on our faces .

We are here to ensure that every part gets opportunities to develop in all respects ever win,

Workers must get jobs nearer to their places, finishing this ill fated migration forever in races.

Without proper development of Eastern parts, the balanced growth of our country is not possible .

One can not even dream to have a proper growth without developing it’s each and every part ,

If my hands are weak , I can not perform better ,even if I have all of my other parts very sound ?

When every part is properly and perfectly grown , our excellent performance seems to be an art ,

We must pay proper attention to our most potential parts , to get maximum there on the ground .

We are doing well but the danger has not been escaped ( Not yet out of danger ).

The Entire World is fighting the same war against Corona , only situations are there to differ , 

From the very beginning , the strategies and combating modes of our Country are well again .

Every Global Authority and organization appreciates our doings in this regards , saying stiffer, 

Our Government is adamant to save all of us, doing everything possible, is noteworthy main .  

Our fight with the ongoing calamity called Corona 

Whosoever is challenged , affected and is  sufferer, will have to fight with the offender, 

Be one able or not, well equipped or not, in that position or not, even then has to fight .

We were attacked, on this much population , in so vast area , on young , old and tender,

All are fighting up to their might, in whatever capacity they are, we will win, future bright .   

We must remain cautious to keep us safe , because still the danger persists .

We are poised to win , we will win , we all are adamantly busy for the same , please see,

Every Global Authority is acclaiming our efforts in this regard , to protect our almost all . 

Our victory does not mean that we all are safe forever but a danger persists, around we ,  

Please continue with the precautions of distancing, cleanliness , masks and stay home call .

Our strict and cautious daily routines can only avoid the infections .

Some relaxations have been allowed by our policy makers , administrators and all,

Such man made sops are not approved by our enemy , the deadly virus, please note.

We are safe under so many laid down precautions, which we must follow in spirit call,

Protected we move, safely we behave, cautious we live, keeping distance is vital quote.   

Social distancing and cleanliness are the main tools to help us.

We are the most effective Corona Fighters of the world, everyone knows and says it,

How could we earn this world level accolade is well known to all, we must keep it up .

We are keeping distance from all , in every situation, cleaning everything with us a bit,

Living happily with these precautions is essential for us to avoid infections of any set up . 

Please conserve our success achieved till date that is please do not throw it away by mistakes.

Achieving any brilliance is a nice topic for any life, which fetches so many cheers around,

Two goals are always in front, one to acquire and other to conserve, in all the junctures.

“Throwing away” is more painful than “non -achieving “ in this life of many lost and found,

Let us protect our each and every success of any topic, to remain winner in all ventures. 


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