By: C.P. Singh, Editor-ICN Group 

PART: 19

In Public Transport 

In case of public transport we are travelling with other persons of various places. We never know about them or about their journey.This creates a doubt that any of them might be carrying this deadly virus. In such situation our gravity of precautions increases because of not knowing. We must follow each and every precaution on public transport, very religiously.

We are more exposed to the public as well as to the infections , when we move here and there,

Who can forbid any virus to come on us, when we are out in the open, for any reason, we know?

We and only we have to remain alert to protect us from any infection , by our own personal care,

Because invisible is our enemy , ever eager to reach our beings to grow , for which who can say “No”? 


See that all are using masks

How much is the importance of using masks regularly , it is even more essential that everyone uses it without fail.Even if one is not using it that can fail our mission of defeating infections. Our victory over calamity can only be supposed if there is hundred percent use of masks. As and when this chain of masks discontinue , our victory becomes doubtful.

One of the most important topics in these precautions is that every one uses the mask,

If even a few are not using , then they may cause harm to nullify the doings of all others .

Who can predict where the infection is and where not? Who can ascertain this and ask ?

When all are using masks then the chances of getting infected are less, no virus to others. 


Sanitize hands

After every touch of anything, person or surface , we are supposed to was our hands thoroughly with any soap available. In no case we should postpone such cleaning. In cases when due to any reason there is no soap , we should sanitize our hands properly. This will keep virus away. 

When , due to any reason , washing of hands is not practical , we have to use sanitizer,

This will help in repelling the fatal virus from our hands , if any how it has reached there

To make it easy and practical , we must keep it in our pockets , as our habit’s appetizer ,

If any how , we could keep virus away from us, we can remain safe from it, anywhere .


Keep distance

Keeping distance is extremely essential to protect us from any infection. We have to remain away from any other person in all the cases. This is very effective restrictive practice to prevent any virus to reach us. One must remain at least two meters away from all persons around. As far as possible we should not go into any crowd . We must not be a part of any gathering. In any collection of persons , there can be a possibility of any or more persons having infection. We must avoid such situations. 

Since very beginning of our days , we were taught to remain social friends and known to all,

We ever remained in touch with each other and none could ever think or say to remain away. 

Now , days have changed the very theme of closeness , preaching to keep distance from all,

We are none to question because this directive is calamity driven and this is the only way .


While purchasing Medicines or Ration 

When we are there to purchase something , we are at a place where so many persons are coming regularly. Any person might have touched that counter , any other may be around , some one might have sneezed there at the counter or else. All these unknown situations may be imaginary but even if one is correct and applicable on our case , it is deadly dangerous. We must remain extra cautious at public places and adhering to every precautionary restriction fully.  

This world has to move , life has to proceed , we all have to work and go here and there,

Things are required , we have to purchase and acquire them from where ever they all are?

It is our prime duty to keep us away from these, to avoid infections if any, kept any where ?

After every such thing , to wash hands and to sanitize things we took anyhow from any far ? 


Use own bag . sanitize every item before placing it in .

Again , it is a topic just to prevent any infection. We must not share anything with anyone in days to come. Generally we carry a bag on our way . This bag must be own and not borrowed or taken from any one else. While placing things in it , one must ensure to sanitize them before keeping them into bag. This precaution will minimize the chances of ant infection on or inside our bag.

The main theme behind every precaution is to protect us from the virus , which is around,

We are to keep us away from this deadly virus , for which there is no treatment available.

By using our own bag and sanitizing everything means , we have to win over it , a ground ?

Doing some extra activities ,and striving  might give us an added chance and make us able ?


Treat vegetables in white vinegar 

Everyone uses vegetables , almost daily. We purchase them from any one else . We never know where from these are coming and how many hands have touched them . In this situation the possibility of few or more virus cannot be ruled out into them. This cautions us to eliminate all such infections from these . There is a liquid treatment foe vegetables . After bringing these vegetables we must treat them with white vinegar, before using or placing then in our refrigerator. 

Right from the agricultural bower to our kitchen , vegetables travel through many hands,

It might get infected anywhere in the way , which needs to be taken care by us , in full .

Moreover they might get germs while in the fields via sprinklings they get in those sands,

For the purpose we treat them with white vinegar , to remove every such danger in full .   


Start It From Home 

Even if one is not going anywhere and staying at one’s residence only then also there are so many precautions to follow. We have to remain away from any person visiting our house. We have to clean our hands regularly . We have to use our own mask every time . We have to avoid touching any surface and also our own face , eyes , nose etc. 

Once we have to fight a battle against an invisible deadly enemy, cautious we must remain,

Even if we are in our own houses , ever vigilant , alert , attentive should be our active ways.

Anyone can come and infect us , should be our notion to save us from future irks and pain,

If we continue with all said restrictions, we will win over our foe, just keep in such hope rays. 


Clean hands regularly .

Cleanliness is the theme of everything . We must ensure that our hands are being washed very frequently and also after every moment we touch anything including our eyes , nose etc. Cleanliness is the key of every precaution . 

When we are fighting a battle against a virus , our first and foremost motto is cleanliness,

A win over infections get ensured after seeing our super class hygiene of self and around.

Our human race smiles in real sense , when we are observing an overall genuine tidiness,

We are superior , our life style is authentic natural , we will win over all calamities found.   


If touch car or anything else , sanitize hands .

Even if we touch our own car or anything , we must clean our hands properly. Sanitize our hands regularly. His will eliminate virus from there. Every active person might be forced to touch any or few things but after every such touch we must wash our hands properly or sanitize them for sure.

Outing in any form to any place, exposes us to the infection, if any existing in the spot, 

We must remain extra vigilant any where away from our house , being open to illness .

We must avoid touching anything , and if compelled to touch , clean and sanitize be got,

Let us ensure that every infection has been washed out from our person , for all wellness .


Use Mask Every Time

It seems , this item called mask will become part and parcel of our body itself. We will have to include it in our beings for completion perhaps. Every person will be seen using masks as a must. One of the most effective preventive measures is the use of mask. If everyone uses mask every time then chances of getting infected gets reduced. It must become habit of all of us to use mask regularly.

It is upcoming as most important to use a mask every time, in whatever condition we are ,

Even if it bothers us while using, we have to become habitual of it, as it seems to be forever . 

It is part of our routine dress , we must value it so , and never to hesitate in using it even far ,

We will win our battle against any if we are watchful, cautious , active and negligent never .  


Take own temperature regularly 

One new habit has to develop that is to take temperature of our own being , regularly. We have to maintain records of our temperature for various times on daily basis . This will also become one parameters of every individual foe ever. One of the symptoms of this infection is rise in body temperature. If general public is cautious and takes temperature on regular basis , the symptom can be noted very early .

The days are here, after this serious calamity, that we will have to inculcate some habits new,

Time teaches us , time guides us, time forces us to do so much new, and we call it as situation .

Who could have predicted that we will do all this , what we are forcibly doing, barring a few, 

Some are more of these practices will last long and become parts of our life style and ration.

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