Lucknow Witnesses Honour Of God Of Land At Doctors’ Day

LUCKNOW: 1st of July, 2019, It is often proudly said that the doctors are the ‘God of Land’ and they render their pious duty to serve the humanity by keeping the society healthy.
It is yet, painful that still, the people do not pay the honour to this pious profession for which it is entitled but the society witnessed a pleasant event this evening through which, several doctors were honoured from private sector for their remarkable contribution to the society.
Lucknow Nursing Homes Owner’s Association (LNHA) celebrated Doctor’s day today at LNHA Bhavan, Lucknow on the event of the birthday of Late Dr. B.C.Roy and towering medical personalities of the city placed their valuable ideas in the event.
The President of the organization namely Dr. G.S.Makkar said that despite the directions of Hon’ble High Court, the government has still not registered eighty nursing homes. He demanded that those nursing homes must be registered without delay.
The secretary of the organization Dr. Anup Agarwal said that India is a developing country and in view of the population load, the medical infrastructure of public sector is not sufficient to meet with the medical needs of the public and in this situation, the contribution of the medical services rendered by the private sector, especially through the nursing homes plays an important role to fill this wide gap between the required and available medical facilities in the nation. He further added that for small and medium sized nursing homes, application of the norms of air and water pollution is impractical. He said that the governance of such nursing homes is at the hands of the government and the corrupt government officials have been harassing them seriously.
Dr. Anup Agarwal further said that only medical support to the public through limited government sector is not enough but it must be speedy, easily available within one’s reach and effective and middle and small sized nursing homes are performing better and their this important support to the society must be recognized by the government.Dr. Agarwal said that the government must be serious about constitution of Private Medical Development Ministry to promote the private sector.
The medical dignitaries of the city like Dr. S.K.Bhasin, Dr. Indu Bhasin, Dr. Madhu Gupta, Dr. R.C. Singh, Dr. Bhamdi, Dr. Ramesh Chandra and others also addressed the audience.
On this event, Dr. Ramesh Chandra, Dr. Madhu Gupta, Dr. Deepak Agarwal, Dr. B.P.Singh, Dr. Sanjay Niranjan, Dr. G.S.Makkar, Dr. R.C.Singh, Dr. Rakesh Gupta (Ortho), Dr. Sanjay Awasthi, Dr. Devesh Maurya, Dr. Ranjana Rastogi and Dr. Suneeta Chandra were honoured for their wonderful works in medical field of the society.
Dr. Neeraj Bora, the Member of Legislative Assembly (Lucknow North) graced the event by his presence.

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