Nation Celebrates 73rd Independence Day Today

By: Dr Mohammad Aleem, Editor, ICN Group

NEW DELHI: We are celebrating the 73rd Independence Day with much fanfare and aplomb on 15th August, 2019 once again as we have been doing it uninterrupted since the last seven decades. As a largest democracy of the world, we should really be proud of our past and heritage and the legacy we have carried forward successfully.

The Independence Day will be marked by Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, hoisting the flag at 7.30 am on August 15 followed by the singing the national anthem and a 21-cannon salute to pay respect to freedom fighters. 

The Independence Day, no doubt, brings a sense of joy, pride and contentment among every Indian. However, we can’t claim that we have achieved everything as an independent nation. It is a bitter fact that we still could not give a prosperous life to every citizen of this country. There are millions of such people who go hungry without proper food, shelter and drinking water every day.

A great number of our youths are unemployed, though they are educated and skilled. Crime against children and women are rampant. We could not erase corruption from our daily and public lives, though, many a times, our leaders have made tall promises to do so and won many elections on this plank only.

But, we hope that things will be better in the coming days..

As a matured citizen of this country, we also have some responsibilities to fulfill. We should make our politicians and bureaucrats accountable for their every action. We can’t say them corrupt and inefficient and brush aside the things so easily. We are equally accountable for what they do or fail. We should think over it seriously what we have achieved and failed as a great nation.

15th August 1947 is not any other day of our history. It holds a great historical importance and reminds us that at what cost we had achieved independence. Which type of sacrifices our forefathers made for us?

Let’s make a pledge that we will be ready to sacrifice our every drop of blood for the safety of our beloved nation if such situation demands. We will save our freedom at any cost from every kind of bigotry, hatred, animosity and narrowness of thoughts. We will make our country proud by establishing the best and core human values all over the world.

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