Rising Indiscipline Among Students

By: Garima Gaur ( Sub Editor-ICN Group )

“Education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents with high expectations.”- Bob Beauprez.

LUCKNOW: Few months before we all heard and read about the incident of a student stabbing a small kid just to get the exams postponed in a well known school of Gurugram. Just after few days same incident took place in a reputed school of Lucknow and the motive was to get a day off.

In both the incidences the first person to be blamed was the school management and then the teacher. No one even questioned the parenting and the home environment of the tainted students who committed such heinous crime in such an innocent age. No doubt teachers influence their students a lot but no teacher will ever teach them to do such villainous act. Don’t you think parents are equally responsible?

Education begins at home and it is the responsibility of every parent to ensure that their children are well educated and inculcate good values. A child spends his maximum time with his parent and a parent has to attend his/her own child whereas school monitors the grooming and education of several students. Isn’t it inhuman having such high expectations from a teacher managing a class of at least 30-40 students whereas most of the times I have seen few parents who totally surrenders in front of their child’s stubborn attitude ?

The increasing indiscipline among the students is actually a reflection of the indiscipline in the society. They are a step ahead at times. They want more independence. Sometimes their demands just can’t be fulfilled.

There are two sides of parenting: warmth and discipline. Warmth is easier, but discipline is equally important for a child’s development as a good individual. Children feel secure when their parents set a limit and constantly keep a check on the activities of their child. Parents should emphasize more on skills like self control and frustration tolerance. Parents should not bother about their child’s temporary anger or indignation when they set limits for their child. It will pass.

It is the duty of every parent to make their child feel that his/her parents are always going to listen to him/her and they should feel free to discuss anything freely with their parents and seek advice rather than doing any misdeed.

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