Sir Syed Ahmad Khan: The Founder Of Modern Education

By: Mohammad Salim Khan, Sub Editor-ICN

“Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was the profit of education in India,” said Mahatma Gandhi.

SAHASWAN/BUDAUN: Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was a great social reformer,educator,and politician. He was born on 17th of October,1817 in a very well respected and well reputed family.His father Syed Mohammad Mutaqqi was a very renowed person. He was the advisor of Mohammad Shah Akbar Sani in Mughal dynasty. His mother Azeezun Nisan was also a very humble lady.His grandfather was too posted on avery high dignity in the royal court of Mughal empire.Sir Syed Ahmad Khan propelled Aligarh Movement in 1886 which was an educational venture. To establish modern system of education for the muslim population of British India.Jai Kishan who was a very close associate of Sir Syed co-operated him to carry on Aligarh Movement. Aligarh Movement was established to build the confidence between the Govt.and the Muslims and the aim of this Movement to pursuade the muslims to acquire modern education and English language. Khan wanted to hold back the muslims from politics.Sir Syed was deeply concerned at the depressing situation of the Muslims and raising them from their backwardness became his life long passion and aim. He strove hard to remove the hostility of the British rulers towards the Muslims to return the original Islamic principles of purity and simplicity.His emphasis on science particularly offended the orthodox Muslims.He faced opposition from the orthodox section of Musllims. However,with courage and wisdom he overcame these obstacles. He had a great pain in his heart for muslim community. He was too much worried about the education of the society. He wanted to uplift the standard of education in India. He did many great jobs to empower and to uplift the downtrodden and afflicted people of the society. He suffered a lot to wake up the eyes of the people.Sir Syed Ahmad Khan went to England to come to know the standard of education.At that time in India students had been educated on conventional education pattern. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan gave a lot of emphasis on Western education.Sir Syed’s decision to concentrate on Western education for Muslims was undoubtedly right one because Western education meant Govt. jobs,security influence and honour.Sir Syed drew flaks Muslim clerics as he wrote about rational and liberal interpretations of Islamic scriptures.Sir Syed started a magazine Tehzeebul-Akhlaq in 1870.The aim to publish this magazine to depurate the talent of Muslims and to develop moral values in the society. To uplift the standard of Muslims education Sir Syed Ahmad Khan started a Mohammedan Anglo Oriental college on 24th of May 1875.Later on in 1920 it was known as Aligarh Muslim University in short form A.M.U.

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan received a conventional education but he strongly recommended modern education for Muslims.To establish the school Sir Syed Ahmad Khan had been exploited and targated by well to do persons of that time. Many times he had been abused and insulted whenever he went to get financial aid from rich persons. Once he had gone to a landlord cottage asking him for some financial aid regarding the construction of the school. The landlord asked him Sir Syed Ahmad Khan to show his palm before him. As soon as Sir Syed Ahmad Khan showed his palm before the landlord, he spat on his palm but he did not get angry, he at once went to the construction point and mixed that liquid of spit in the mud that was being used making the walls of the school.There was an another incident related this one that once he had gone somewhere to get financial aid for the school there few unsocial elements hung a garland of shoes in his neck. Sir Syed went to the market and sold those shoes and whatsoever money he got to sell the useless old shoes Sir Syed utillized that money for construction of the school and he wrote a letter to the person who hung the garland of
shoes. Sir Syed wrote to him, “My dear the garland of shoes which you had gifted me, I sold it andutilized the money in the construction of school. Thank you so much. Reading this that man was toomuch ashamed himself at his poor conduct.That rich man sanctioned a handsome amount as donation for the school and he felt extremely sorry for his rude behaviour.His Associates– If we step first to achieve our mission successfully,we shall need some other persons who can step with us in adverse circumstances. Sir syed’s associates were Mohsinul Mulk Viqarul Mulk, Jai Kishan Das, Molvi Ismaiel, Molvi Zakaullah Molana Altaf Husain Hali and Shibli Nomani were his very close associates who devoted himself for the sake of humanity.Religious minded and very sympathetic for human beings–Sir Syed was religious minded and very sympathetic. Mohsinul Mulk his close associates mentioned two incidents that he stayed at night in the cottage of Sir Syed. Mohsinul Mulk was sleeping soundly,suddenly he woke up,hearing the cry ofsome one. Mohsinul Mulk interpreted that it seemed to him that there was boiling or cooking something in a cooking pot. He meant to say that the cry was too painful to describe in words.Mohsinul Mulk noticed that it was none but Sir Syed who was crying and weeping and praying for his community in the court of Almighty ALLAH.The second incident was tha once Mohsinul Mulk complained Sir Syed that his British owner did not permit him to offer Namaz during working hours. Sir Syed advised him to resign the job at once.He was brought up with great moral values and respect– Sir Syed’ mother Azeezun-Nisan was a humble lady.Once Sir Syed slapped one of his servants in his chilhood. His mother did not speak him untill Sir Syed beg pardon from the Servant.Now the fame of Aligarh Muslim University has spreaded every nook and corner in the world and the product of A.M.U. as professors,Engineers, Doctors,Lecturers, and Lawyers,etc.are serving ourgreat nation India.Every person from different caste and creed is getting higher and qualilty education in Aligarh Muslim university.The great soul of our great nation India, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan passed away on 27th of March in 1898. We shall always be indebted of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan——

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