Sleep–It’s Body Repair Time Series: Part 2 (Use GOPTA to improve sleep patterns)

By: Dr. Sanjay Kumar Agarwal, Sr. Associate Editor, ICN Group

(In the last article, we knew about the need of improving sleep patterns. Today, we will know how we can use GOPTA to improve sleep patterns.)

Use G.O.P.T.A. to improve sleep patterns 

You must be wondering what is G.O.P.T.A.!

G.O.P.T.A.TM is an acronym given by me to ‘Goals Oriented Positive Thinking & Actions’, first revealed in my best-selling book ‘How to Add 50000 Productive Hours to Your Life’, now renamed as ‘How to Add 1000 Productive Hours A Year to Your Life’.  

Since childhood, I was a keen observer of the happenings around me. I was always inquisitive about what is it that some people get more success than others while some people get just mediocre success. While studying success (whatever may be your definition of success, as we are not going into that detail right now), I found that different authors/ speakers have prescribed many ingredients for success like hard work, sincerity, honesty, integrity, punctuality, commitment, etc. I identified 3 ingredients, on which you can’t afford to be even 99, if you want huuuuuge success in life. For the sake of convenience in remembering these 3 ingredients, I have created this acronym G.O.P.T.A. for Goals Oriented, Positive Thinking & Actions.

As you can see, GOPTA has following three limbs:-

  1. Goals-Oriented:- If you choose to be goals-oriented, you will first identify your goals and after that, your every thought, every action and every time utilisation pattern will be in the direction of achieving your goals. It will also improve your time management skills because you will learn to start asking a question to yourself as to ‘whatever I am doing right now is the most appropriate usage of my time or not’.
  2. Positive Thinking:- This is impregnating your sub-conscious mind with positive beliefs & positive attitude and inculcating positive values and habits to speed up the journey towards your goals. Positive thinking will help you inculcating strong beliefs and improve your self-image, which will drive you towards your goals and remove the brakes on your progress. Apart from these old definitions of positive thinking, I would like to add that if you possess positive thinking, you don’t allow others to pull down your mental, physical & emotional state (called MPE State in NLP). My mentor says that at any particular moment, you should be either up; or getting up.  
  3. Actions:- Taking disciplined & persistent actions on daily basis in the direction of your goals, as without taking actions, even the best planning is of no use. And apart from this old definition of ‘actions’, i.e. to keep on working until you get success, I would love to add my definition of ‘actions’. And my definition of ‘actions’ is that you have to work upon yourself i.e. you have to learn the goals-oriented skills; you have to inculcate goals-oriented habits; you have to build goals-oriented relationships; and you have to imbibe goals-oriented values. This is very important.

When we are learning to improve our sleep patterns, our goal is clear in our mind and we possess positive thinking and we have to learn the goal-oriented skills and inculcate goal-oriented habits so that we may improve our sleep patterns. 

[In the next article, we will know about what is the correct quantum of sleep. So, stay tuned to improve your sleep patterns.]

Dr. Sanjay Kumar Agarwal, Creator & trademark holder of the concept G.O.P.T.A.TM is an Author, Certified NLP Lifestyle Trainer, Strategic Interventionist, Corporate Trainer & Transformational Life Coach ( and recipient of Honorary Doctorate of Excellence (Management) by prestigious Young Scientist University, California, USA. He is creator of ‘Triple Your Chances’ program for growth & success ( ). He is Founder of ‘International GOPTA NLP Academy’ and is popularly known among his fans & followers across the globe as ‘Time and Goal Guru’.


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