By: Ravinder Gurtoo
They say home is where the heart is.
In the past 30 years, my perception of a home has evolved in so many ways. When you leave your childhood home — your hometown, your native land or your country of residence or your motherland or however you feel to call it — you leave a piece of you behind. You may forget all about it or you may let it grow inside of you as a small wound that kind of acts up when the weather gets bad. It will ache whenever something reminds you of your home, because you know you left it too far behind.If you’re one of the lucky ones — the ones who manage to forget — you will have a peaceful life, probably somewhere better, where you’ll find a decent job and new friends .You will always love home, but in a more detached way, kind of like an ex with whom you split up on good terms and with whom you still meet up for coffee once in a year or two.But if you’re of my kind — the more emotional, clingy and not very stoic with our own decisions — that sting of pain in your heart will be quite chronic.But that decision — the one of leaving your home for some other place where you’d have an opportunity of some kind, be that education, career, love or even freedom of speech — you will always love to continue with this place.

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