The Historical View Of Volleyball: Part 2

By: Dr. Mohammad Salman Murtuza, Asstt. Editor-ICN Sports

LUCKNOW: The basic rules of Volleyball in India mention that one team scores point if they throw the ball into the opponent’s court and the opponents fail to throw it back; and can also gain point if any fault is made by the opponent team. The team that scores 25 points first wins the set, and in a 5 setter, the team winning 3 sets also wins the match. Further, a team can touch the ball thrice before it traverses the net but only different players can push the ball in succession.

Generally, hands or arms are used to hit the ball but hitting by any body parts is allowed legally since the 1996 Olympics. The volleyball court is generally 18 m long and 9 m wide, parted into two 9 m by 9 m courts. The net is kept 2.43 m and 2.24 m above the Centre of the court for men’s and women’s competition respectively. There is also an attack line that is around 3 m from and similar to the net in each team’s court that separates it into back and front row areas.


Some of the Arjuna Awardees in Indian Volleyball are Palaniswamy (1961), Nrijit Singh (1962), Balwant Singh (1972), G Malini Reddy (1973), Shyamsundar Rao (1974), Ranvir Singh and K. C Elamma (1975), Jimmy George (1976) and many others. Jimmy George one of India’s foremost Volleyball players, was regarded as one of the ten best players in the world.


Indian Volley League is a professional volleyball league in India. It was launched by the Volleyball Federation of India in 2011. The inaugural edition featured six teams and the top players in the country. Chennai Spikers, Hyderabad Chargers, Karnataka Bulls, Kerala Killers, Maratha Warriors and Yanam Tigers are the prospective teams in Indian Volley League. 2011 Indian Volley League season was the debut season of the Indian Volley League, established by Volleyball federation of India in 2011. Indian Volley League commenced on the 29th May 2011 and ended on 24th June 2011.The Chennai Spikers were the champions of the inaugural edition.


Balwant Singh Sagwal, Nripjit Singh Bedi, A. Ramana Rao, Yejju Subba Rao, Dalel Singh Ror, Ramavtar Singh Jakhar, Mohan Ukkrapandian, Suresh Kumar Mishra Cyril C. Valloor and many more are the famed volleyball players of India.

Indian Volleyball team is inching forward to the top list in the world. However, the game needs more publicity and awareness among all groups of people in order to develop Volleyball in India to the next level. The rural players need more motivation and to retain the good players from rural areas also needs financial help. Volleyball in India needs more technological and scientific training process as well.


Woman’s more the most enthusiastic among the early players and the game has never lost favour with the fair sex. Volleyball has become a favourite game among women in many parts of the world. Trained women players spiked hard and adopt the techniques used by men.

The inclusion of women’s divisions has become a regular feature in all international tournaments. Women’s volleyball was introduced in India some years ago and is currently making commendable progress. The first national championship volleyball was held in 1953, at Jabalpur and it was won by Uttar Pradesh. The 2nd championship was held at Delhi in 1954 and Uttar Pradesh won the title again. In 1979, a competition known as Federation volleyball Tournament was introduced. 


The Volleyball game is now played in thousands of cities and towns and tens of thousands of Volleyball courts are laid out in schools, colleges, universities, stadiums, public playgrounds, recreational areas, picnic centers and elsewhere. Volleyball is played both indoors or outdoors. They play a scientific game based on efficient passing and powerful attacking. Contrary to the old system, using more three spikers in a team is general practice today. The teams employ systematic team-work, and deceptive spiking in the key-note of the modern Volleyball. Several patterns of the offensive and defensive play are in use and now-a-days all the players attempt to take an active part in all aspects of the game. Volleyball has developed into a highly specialized game and has today acquired the status of a ‘major sport’.

So, we find the game of Volleyball being played by yong boys and girls, men and women, all over the globe. To many, it is a highly skilled game in which the competitive element is predominant and to others it is a sport for fun and recreation. 


The following points are essential and important for promoting the volleyball games in progressive manner are described below:

1.Encourage more participation in Volleyball in schools, colleges, and universities students.

2.Promote Volleyball as a competitive as well as recreational sport.

3.Strengthen the district, state, national associations and local clubs.

4.Established more training centers for coaches and officials.

5.Assists the Volleyball clubs in villages and rural areas.

6.Invite teams from other countries to give demonstrations and play exhibitions games to each other’s.

7.Publicity and popularized the game in among women’s.

8.Representing the national team to all important tournaments and championships in Volleyball game.

9.Making a Volleyball games related films and other audio-visual materials.

10.To give more appropriate knowledge and authentic information related Volleyball games.

11. Promote more spectators interest.

12.Encourage to effective manners and supportive Volleyball related publications.

13.Provide financial assistance for researchers.

14.Organized conferences and seminars for Volleyball games.

15.To give scientific and technical based information of novice Volley ballers.

16. To give the knowledge about conditioning, nutritive and treatment of injuries.


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