The Trip to Western & Central Europe: Austria

By: Shoubhik Bose & Debanjana Maitra

Salzburg, Austria

The journey to Salzburg from Venice was our first cross-country travel by “land”.

We booked a ticket from a TrenItalia kiosk , from Venice to Villach. Incidentally it was an inter city bus of the Austrian Railways ( OBB ) which had a tie-up with Italian Railways for international travel. From Villach, we had pre-booked a train to Austria.

I couldn’t help appreciate how the European Union project makes it easy for nationalized companies across countries to work together.

We stayed 3 nights in Salzburg.

The first evening we strolled around the bridges and the historic center, and also tried out the famous apple strudel.

The next day we traveled to Hallstatt by bus.

There you could hire a boat on a hourly rate of 15 euros to go around the lake on your own — which was what we did 😉

This is how our travel looked like in and around Salzburg on Day 2 of our stay here.

The sound of music tour was one of the reasons that had brought us to Salzurg. This is the only guided tour we had booked in our Europe trip.

After the 4-hour tour was over, we hiked up the hill atop which the abbey is located and walked around inside the chapel. ( This abbey is the convent where Maria had stayed for a short while, as show in the movie and in reality as well.

The escape scene in the movie ‘The sound of music’ was shot here outside the abbey.

We returned to Salzburg by evening and walked around the historic city center where only walking and cycling is allowed.

In every corner someone is performing!

To Be Continued…..

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