World Of Show

By : C.P. Singh, Editor-ICN Group

Exposure of aspects and being, is our life’s ride,

Be it physical, ethical, natural or even- wide.

We are ever planked in a game of show & hide,

Since inception to the end of our living- stride.


Better placed are they having  good vehicles,

Seen comfortable as having  better articles.

Better is their livelihood, they cherish un fickle,

Well beings of others seem enviable in nickel.


Some start running for loans to have all this,

To remain parallel with the circle & near bys.

Purchasing the better articles perceiving as bliss,

Creating extra burden on self &  their own sis.


Thinking to arrange a costlier school for the son,

Managing dearer vehicles for one self to make fun.

The marriages of dependents aught to be examples, shun.

Drifting any idea of excessive burden on personal run.


This show and it’s related hassles  will remain,

As a race  is ever on, likely to continue in brain.

The world it self is a show, as we treat, it as gain,

So it will last even more than thinking and pain.


Presenting an aspect a little away from reality,

Putting clown or even closing eyes in affinity.

Maintaining flourishing look even in paucity,

Or well rich ones under umbrella of scarcity (pity).


Rains, draught, floods, cyclones appear for all,

Earth, Sun, Wind, Trees, Rivers & showers fall.

Alike are the people & similar their natural calls,

We unnecessarily try to put some small as bigger balls.


The world was, is and will remain continuing,

In correlation with the people as human being.

Nature is presenting it all real without ceasing
Can we not present our aspects as they are brewing?

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