12th International Conference Commenced at PIMR

INDORE: Prestige Institute Of Management & Research, Indore; Central India’s leading Management and Research Institute organized the XII International Conference 2018, at PIMR (Scheme 74-C Campus) on the theme, “Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Good Governance for Global Leadership.” More than 250 faculty delegates, experts, practitioners along with more than 500 student delegates were part of this International Conference.

The International conference was a fruitful amalgamation of empirical and conceptual research papers from academicians, professionals, consultants, practitioners, scholars and students. The Sub themes of the conference was Law & Governance and Management.

The opening ceremony began with the lightning of the Saraswati lamp, followed by the floral welcome of chief guests.

Dr. Yogeshwari Phatak, Director, PIMR, welcomed all the dignitaries. Introducing the conference theme she said, “Change in mind-set is needed Leadership. With India more focused on creating jobs, entrepreneurship and innovation. Good governanceis the beckbone for growth. She concluded with the importance of collaborative efforts, vision and global mind-set for India to become a Global Leader.

Dr. N.N Jain, Chairman, Prestige Education Society, said, “Education plays a vital role in development of society.  From an early age, seeds of education were sown in my heart. For me, money and finance is not as much important as my students. I see a tremendous potential in our student’s capabilities.”

Dr. R.K. Sharma, Director PIMR, said, “Develop a passion for learning. If you do that, you will never cease to grow. Continuous learning and striving for excellence is the key to success.”

In his introductory speech, Dr. Davish Jain, Vice Chairman, Prestige Education Society, said, “Our main motive in present working is providing quality education at affordable cost.” Focusing his talk on entrepreneurship, he said, “Be ready to accept failures and start over. Don’t remain stagnant.” He further said, “Doing the same thing for long may hinder creativity. Keep on reinventing yourself, be young at heart and have a global mind-set.”

The key dignitaries on the first day included:

Dr. N.K Dhakad, Hon’ble vice chancellor, DAVV Indore, said, “For global leadership there should be good governance. There are few key points for global entrepreneurship which is, Hard work, skill development, Experience, resources and New ideas.”

He further said that, “There must be control on both languages, Hindi and English to become a good leader. He also mentioned the importance Digitalisation in the present scenario.

Suresh Prabhu, Union Minister of commerce and industry, in his video message, said, “Entrepreneurship, innovation and good governance are interlinked. These must be taken care for. However governance is most important and it is the foundation on which innovation and entrepreneurship will take place.”

Anil D. Sahasrabudhe, Chairman, AICTE, New Delhi, in his speech said, “Innovation is the key to entrepreneurship. Apart from theory students should have practical knowledge in order to succeed in life. Today, there are many online courses prevailing on the internet where students can learn from the professors all around the world. Education today is not constricted to classrooms but has evolved rapidly. We, as teachers and students should keep pace and learn continuously in order to grow as academicians.

He further added, “In our times, we had not the resources which children today have. You all must use the technology effectively and harness the best out of it.”

Mr. Bibek Debroy, NITI Aayog and Chair Economic Advisory Board, said,Education is very important in life. My father didn’t receive proper education but I was educated properly.  Young generation should realize that being educated and receiving quality education especially at the post graduate level is a privilege.

He further added, “Entrepreneurship is an art of creating success. In India, salaried CEO is not an entrepreneur but a street vendor or farmer is true entrepreneur. You cannot encourage success till you encourage failure.” An entrepreneur is one who takes risks.

He said. “Innovation emerges at all levels. However  People have no idea that their innovation has any social or commercial value. Innovation and entrepreneurship can happen only when our education system allows.  Students should ask why?

Rama Chandra Sarath Babu, was conferred with PIMR Social Entrepreneurship award, In his speech he said, “Children are very important for every society. They are the future of the country so their development is paramaount.” He is founder of Child Ashram wherein his NGO has helped more than 120 underprivileged children who were beggars at railway platform. Many of those have successful career.

Dr. Omkar Rai, Director General of Software Technology Parks Of India (STPI), Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government Of India, in his speech said, “Humans are by nature entrepreneurs thereby innovative. As humans evolved, their entrepreneurship skills also evolved. The kind of leadership and entrepreneurship established in India due to its outsourcing capacity and innovative ideas is growing day by day and we must realize the increasing opportunity in the country together with the increasing competition.”

Dr. Karling Lee, Professor, EDS Business School, Malaysia, spoke on the challenges and issues faced by women entrepreneurs today in the contemporary Asian business world. In her research in Malaysia and Vietnam, Prof. Lee found out that only 5% women are entrpreneurs which is a surprising number.

She said, “Women face many challenges in the business and entrepreneurship. She has to make a balance between work and life. Also there is lack of opportunities for the females and religion and gender stereotypes hinder their growth.

In the end she said, “Step up take charge of your own life in order to realize your potential. Be different, innovate and make the difference. The world will be yours.

Mr. Ravikant Tiwari, CEO, Aakha World LLC and Infia Global Inc, USA spoke about the interconnectedness of Global governance and leadership. He said, “Leader is defined by the team. If the team function smoothly, the leader is rewarded. A leader should plan strategically in order they lead the organization to the right path.

He said, “Global governance is like inner ear which is not visible like culture of organization but plays a crucial role nevertheless.”

The key highlights of the event were, Fifteenth Best Ph. D. Thesis Contest, PIMR First Best Case Study Contest, Second Best Research Paper Contest and various technical sessions on Entrepreneurship, Finance, Good Governance, Human Resource Management, Marketing, General Management and Information Technology

The International conference held research paper presentations on, Stock Market, Customer retention strategies, Online shopping, start-up ecosystem, Branding strategies, Innovation, GST, Demonetisation, Cyber Crime, Human Rights, Social Media, Global Leadership and HR Practices among many others.

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