PIMR, Indore Organizes XII International Conference 2018

INDORE: Prestige Institute of Management & Research, Indore; Central India’s leading Management and Research Institute organized the XII International Conference 2018, at PIMR (Scheme 74-C Campus) on the theme, “Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Good Governance for Global Leadership.” More than 250 faculty delegates, experts, practitioners along with more than 500 student delegates were part of this International Conference.

The International conference was a fruitful amalgamation of empirical and conceptual research papers from academicians, professionals, consultants, practitioners, scholars and students. The Sub themes of the conference was Law & Governance and Management.

The key highlights on the second day of the conference was Student Research paper presentation, Technical sessions on Entrepreneurship, Finance, Good Governance, HRM, Marketing, General Management & IT.

Also, Research Paper presentations were held on, Issues faced by Indian Women Entrepreneurs, Boon for sustainable environmental development, Social Entrepreneurship, Investor’s investment and Sensex, Bit coins, Role of Media, Human Rights, Nationalized Bank Employment, Stress and depression amongst management students, Ethical issues in Indian advertisement, Experiential Marketing, Perception towards advertisements, and Electronic Payment System.

A felicitation program for startups was organized in the conference. Startups such as BookMyColleges.com, Seyago Software, MacIA, presented their business ideas. It was a organized to promote entrepreneurship under Make-In-India campaign of the Prime Minister.

In the closing ceremony of the conference, the dignitaries were:

Dr. Manpreet Singh Manna, Director AICTE, New Delhi, said, “Students need to learn the smart way today by various online learning portals, like, “Swayam,” wherein study webs of active learning are aspiring young minds. Follow your passion through ‘Swayam’ while learning under CBCS (Choice board credit system).

She further said, “India needs startups with mission and vision that leads them to prosper and our institutions can provide them proper environment and guidelines through start up policy of AICTE.

In his video message, Mr. Shiv Pratap Shukla, State Minister of Finance said, “Entrepreneurship promotes innovation and development, therefore it must be encouraged. Our Government is working hard to promoting entrepreneurship.”

Dr. Unnat Pandit, mission manager, NITI Aayog, New Delhi, said,Students today needs to focus on startup and innovation. The sad part of education is the loss of knowledge during the process of transformation of Information to experience.”

He further explained that, “Scope of student’s creativity and innovation needs to be enhanced in India. Today, students need to be properly nurtured towards the new India vision through technology and innovation.

He said, “Through Atal Innovation nation initiative, academics should to be enhanced and made more lively and interactive.”

Prof. Rajaneesh Kumar Shukla, Member Secretary, ICPR, ICHR, New Delhi, shared his views on Entrepreneurship and Innovation. He said, “It is high time to encourage students for entrepreneurship. The real meaning of entrepreneurship is creating good for the society.”

He elaborated, “Ethics are the foundation of whole human activities. Our Inter-State, Inter-Nation and Inter-National relations are based on ethics. Any business cannot function without human relations and ethics is the basic function of human relationship.

He further said, “In the changing scenario, there is a lack of value approach. Our problem is that even after achieving everything, we are dissatisfied. We need to have peaceful approach for sustainable development. Real entrepreneur needs to change the scenario for holistic way interpersonal relationship.”

Ms. Sree Divya Vadlapudi, M.D Girls inTech, focused her talk on research and development. She said, “Today people who think education is important are very rare to be found.” Further elaborating she said, “Technology and digitalization are becoming the focus, but India focuses on digital education. There are 9% women entrepreneurs in India and only 28% women aspires to become one. Girls in-tech foundation helps women in entrepreneurship, post pregnancy working women, senior corporate entrepreneurship and mentorship. We should accept the fact that every child has a capable brain and use technology and research to our advantage.

Ms. Priyanka Kaintura, Head IR & Corporate Communication, said, “There is one statement which I have heard all my work life and that is Corporate writing is the men’s world. I believe, we misread it. It’s not a men’s world. It’s a masculine world. That’s because boys are told to man-up and girls are told to be more pragmatic and less emotional. This kills the feminity in the society.

She further said, “The faculty of aesthetics needs to founded. The world needs to get its balance back. It’s important to fetch height in both personal and professional life. It’s good to be a leader but we should also learn to follow. Communication is the core of every aspect. Learn to communicate effectively.


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