“Aren’t We Still Slaves When It Comes To Our Education System”

By: Garima Gaur ( Sub Editor-ICN Group )

LUCKNOW: India is a land which gave birth to subjects like Mathematics, Science, Astronomy, Astrology etc.During our Vedic age when Gurukul system prevailed, students were getting skill based education, learning life skills and moral based education which helped them in building great character and leading a successful life.

When the British came to India they introduced Missionary Schooling. As the name Missionary indicatesit came with a mission of spreading Christianity. They introduced three stages of education in India-

1. Primary
2. Secondary and
3. Higher education

Their main aim was to spread Christianity and to maintain peaceful administration.

As it is always observed that ‘Indians are more loyal to the king then to be the king’, till date we are following same education pattern. Doesn’t it show that mentally we are still slaves to the British and their education pattern.

Education has now become a commodity to those who can afford to purchase it. These missionaries are still managing to create a charm in the minds of the parents. It’s a matter of status symbol if we send our child to a renowned missionary school and these schools are following the process of rejection rather than the process of selection. How can we make a four year old child realize that he he/she has been rejected from an interview when he doesn’t even know the meaning of rejection or interview. Is it morally correct.

We have completed 70 years of Independence still we are strictly following the same pattern introduced by the British. Few new schools are emphasising on the modern methods of giving education and developing skills but that is in primary stage or junior stage.

After coming to class 8th students have to follow the ages old board pattern and crave to get high percentage if they want to get admission in good colleges or they need to be privileged as reserved categories. At college level your skills and value based education System doesn’t work at all. 

Many good companies during the time of recruitment clearly state in their requirement that those who have attained less than 60% or got a degree from distance education need not apply. They are simply rejecting a youth of the country without even testing his skills and knowledge on the basis of the place from where he attained the knowledge.

I’m unable to understand how long we are going to survive with this fake education system in our societyand how long we will be slaves mentally. This pattern desperately need change otherwise we will keep on provoking many students to commit suicide ,to give upor to go in depression because of our fake education system or we r still waiting for someone to take the initiative.

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