Pro-Activeness Pays…..

By: Prof. Satyendra Kumar Singh ( News Editor-ICN Group )

LUCKNOW: The world of the day is divided into two basic segments; one that use the (social) media to share their views and opinions about certain issues. The social media doesn’t mean only online social channels. The sense of social media is the every possible mode of interaction like the local tea-stall or your garden with newspaper in the hands.

Such vocal people love to be proactive enough to strategise their plans for the day, go and hunt for fresh food joints, discover new routes in a stranger locality. They create opportunity and learn in-between.

They blog, they cook and make their own decisions. They analyse the opportunities and their costs. Such people are always applauded in the society and do become recognised figures of the area. They become writers, influencers and artists. They enjoy their weekends. They are dedicated to their dreams.

On the contrary, the people who just watch TV and wait for the miracle to happen are mostly filled with grudges all around. They hunt for gadgets to perform their tasks. They refrigerate and eat the yesterday’s meals. They tend to crib. They don’t voice their views but just digest the happenings of the city.

They don’t build their homes but stay on rents. They don’t read and hunt for knowledge. They just become the couch with a big belly and hardly air their complains.

These two sects are very common in and around us. The former are the active people rather proactive people. The later are the passive ones.

Which sect do you prefer and like? The answer to this question is not that important than the honest answer to the question which sect do you belong to?

Have a proactive day and reap the benefits!

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