Bag, O Bag You Pain Me

By: Klinsa Kurien, Bureau Chief-ICN Kerala

This poem is a voice of all the school going children. 

O school bag you became so enormous

It pains my shoulders

I cannot even lift you

Even while I bid goodbye to parents.

Frightened are my books inside

No doubt so pale I look.

After one whole day at school

I feel like relaxing by the pool.

Childhood is the time of bliss

It is not in this generation though

By the time I return from school

I hardly get time to play.

Homework and studies are hovering around my head.

Do I have to bear it all in the coming years?

My load of study is like a stone

My roses and dreams all disappear.

I feel like a wrestler when I return home

I no more enjoy the stresses and strains

Teachers love to give us endless instructions

And at home it is not any less.

Father guiding on one hand and mother chiding on the other

Where else do I go if I am let down

Leave me some time for happiness

Let there be only limited things to study.

I can hardly sense nature around me

Let me lie down in the lap of grass and leaves

Admire the rainbows and

Chase my butterflies.

Let me be carefree for sometime atleast

Wish I had singing and dancing periods in school

Moral values and sports classes I do enjoy

While I forget my burdens for a while.

Father who made this heaven and earth

Let us all be close to you

And leave sometime for prayer and co- curriculars

Without much to study in particular.

WE children are born to be happy and make others so

Give us the freedom to choose our own path

And explore the little joys of life

Together in our little world of love.

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