Chandrayaan-2 : An Unfinished Success

By: Tarun Prakash Srivastava, Sr. Executive Editor-ICN Group
LUCKNOW: India is still filled with pride, enthusiasm, zeal and excitement by giving a knock to the south pole of Moon though we could not be witnesses of successful soft landing of lander Vikram on the moon surface. Communicational disconnection from Chandrayaan – 2 just before 2.1 k.m. from its destination is little painful for every Indian but not only we Indian but the entire world knows that our efforts were sincere, perfect and serious irrespective of fact that finished success has slipped from our grip.
India, known as a developing country, has several times proved that it has been developed in the area of technology remarkably and has placed itself in the row of the great countries equipped with wonderful technologies. India is the only country which has contributed its successful Mars Mission to the society through its solitary efforts. India is the only Country which has launched more than hundred national and foreigner set lites into space through its single expedition. Though number of countries made their moon related successful expeditions but India is the first country which established that there is water on moon and presence of water suggests that in future, life would also be possible there.
In fact, great old mythological and Vedic texts are filled of unlimited knowledge in shape of Mantras and formulas which are interpreted by some of the advanced countries a little bit and got success but when we started transformation of this hidden knowledge into visible shape, our great scientists have done miracles for number of times. Today, our ISRO  i.e. Indian Space Research Organization has successfully placed itself at an unexpected height and every Indian is proud of it.
Our great scientists, technicians and entire staff of ISRO worked hard day and night to turn the dream to become the first country to touch the south pole, the hidden portion of moon into reality and study it for exploring possibilities to launch human colonies on moon in near future and telecasted the live stream of launching of lander Vikram with rover Pragyan on moon for public and entire nation eyed the entire episode till midnight.Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi directly reached to ISRO centre from Russia and stayed there with entire staff, selected school going children and media persons to become the witness of creation of new history in space science but we could not finish the success in the way we wanted. Though, the orbital of Chandrayaan is still performing its best.
I remember a Urdu couplet which appears to be most appropriate to define the entire story :
“Kismat ki baat dekhiye, tooti kaha’n kamand,
 Do char hath jbki lab-e-baam rah gaya.”
It means it is just unfortunate that the rope was broken just before reaching the balcony of beloved.
Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi visited ISRO Center next morning again and addressed the nation that we are not defeated though we could not finish our success in the desired way. He said he individually and the entire nation is with our great scientists and they never left any stone unturned to achieve success. Their efforts, feelings and contribution are wonderful. He consoled the ISRO Chairman Dr. K. Sivan by hugging him and both of them could not stop their tears. This emotional event, in real meaning, has frozen in Indian history for ever as the example of pious binding of knowledge and power, science and politics and present and future. It ensures that whatever we have in present, our future is brighter.
The great and pleasant thing which took place in our country through even this unfinished success, is the unanimous support of every political party to our great scientists and everybody stood along with then with full support and national feelings.
I, you and every Indian have said together :
“Dear moon, keep remember,next time,
You will not be out of grip as such
Soon, very soon, we will come back
To give this success a finishing touch.”

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