Excellence with G.O.P.T.A.© Series: Part 100 (Effective Utilisation of GOPTA in ‘Prioritisation’)

By: Dr. Sanjay Kumar Agarwal, Sr. Associate Editor, ICN Group

(In the past few articles, I discussed 3 limbs of prioritisation i.e. To-Do List, Prioritisation and Delegation. Today, I will sum up this crucial learning as to how GOPTA can be effectively used in prioritisation.)  

Effective utilisation of GOPTA in ‘Prioritisation’

NOIDA: In the past few articles, we learnt about 3 limbs of prioritisation, namely, To-Do List, Prioritisation and Delegation. Before summing up the learning, I appreciate my heartful thanks to all of you who are with me till completion of my century i.e. 100 articles of this series today. 

Now you can see the effective use of GOPTA in all the three limbs of prioritization:- 

  • Till now we used to work as per mental list of pending works, just thinking that these 6-7 works have to be done and never used a written To-Do list. Now we will make a WRITTEN To-Do list containing all the pending works.
  • Till now, we started doing the work which grabbed our attention first, without judging, whether this is actually our first priority for the moment or not, as per its importance, urgency and our own energy levels. Now we will first prioritize our To-Do list as per importance, urgency and our own energy levels, and then start working on the first priority work.
  • By far, we used to think that all pending works have to be done by self.  Now, we will also look for the opportunities for effective delegation or outsourcing. 

Now let us summarise the learning relating to advance planning & execution of the planning:-

  • If you learn to discriminate, which tasks need to be done, when to be done and by whom to be done, you can move very fast towards your goals. 
  • A good prioritisation system essentially includes three steps: a written To-Do list, prioritisation as per importance & urgency, and effective delegation.
  • Spending 5-10 minutes each day to prepare/ update your To-Do list and prioritise the same may save you about one hour each day. 
  • While preparing a To-Do list, list out all the things you have to do over a period of time and prioritise them according to ABCD technique of prioritisation.
  • Remember the 80/20 formula i.e. Pareto Principle, which guides you in discriminating between the tasks, which need your personal attention and which need not. 
  • Whatever you can delegate to any other person, either for free or on payment, you should delegate to save your time and much needed energy.


  • Preferably, the delegation should be done to the person, whose cost is least to the organisation and who is capable to do the job. 



  • Remember, you have to just ‘delegate’, not ‘abdicate’ the work.



  • You are the leader of your team and your effectiveness is the outcome of the combined effectiveness of your team and the job of the leader should be to guide his team and develop core competence in the members of the team.


(Once again, thanking you all for staying with me till 100 articles, from next article, I will touch very important point which touches lives of almost all of us – Procrastination. I believe that you are enjoying the journey towards the future of your dreams with me. If yes, please stay tuned. Happy G.O.P.T.A.)

Dr. Sanjay Kumar Agarwal, Creator & copyright holder of the concept G.O.P.T.A.©  is an Author, Certified NLP Lifestyle Trainer, Strategic Interventionist, Corporate Trainer & Motivational Speaker ( http://bit.ly/Signature-Workshops-Sanjay-Kumar-Agarwal ) and recipient of Honorary Doctorate of Excellence (Management) by prestigious Young Scientist University, California, USA. He is Founder of ‘International GOPTA NLP Academy’ and is popularly known among his fans & followers across the globe as ‘Time and Goal Guru’.


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