“Tears,The True Friends“

By: C.P. Singh, Literary Editor-ICN Group

Emotions of any kind, affect and melt the core,

It fills in, then flows, affectionately  to our eyes.

They dissolve one’s being in it, even before,

Draining to fill  and be in our situation –felt – eyes.

Emotions and being, thus so fully dissolved in,

The natural secretion , called tears, and fills.

Coming as true friends, in every situations’ Din,

Remain intact in all  ,glad –sad, as Heart’s –Bills.

These tiny drops, draining via eyes, to say,

Never leave me alone, be what the situation, ever.

Shedding tons of emotional load to it’s drain bay,

As real friend of mine, for all day’s  endeavour

I have not seen one happy or sad alone, without tears,

They take away one’s load, dissolve and drain.

Even if, tears are not seen, due  to any or more fear,

They occupy our inner –core, thoughts and brain.

They are nature’s gift,  to keep us ever intact,

In the times of calamities, joy or even  otherwise.

Persistent are they from and in our beings, in fact,

None else is so selfless , devoted, ever  in wise.

Word “ True – Friend “ is smaller than being of tears,

They come, ever  ready, un – called, when  needed.

Are self –sacrificing, death – ready, humble -dears,

Never leave one alone, in times of joyous – dreaded .

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