Gender Discrimination – An Overview

By: Girish Tripathi, Asstt. Editor-ICN

ROHTAK: Gender equality is currently an issue that everyone talks about. Gender equality term refers to equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities of men, women or any third gender in every field.

Gender discrimination plays out in two sequences. The first one is the immediate disappearance of girls at birth (or during early childhood) while the second one refers to future demographic disturbances among adults.

The routine elimination of girls before their birth is no doubt the most extreme symptom of women’s contemporary undervaluation that goes well beyond all other forms of discrimination.

The conditions of women was very bad in past days, men held them down. But in the present time, there have been many changes and to a large extent, women are also waving their identity as men. But gender inequality still remains, gender discrimination prevails not only with women but also with men and with transgender.

Somewhere, women are still being discriminated against, like; even today, in many places girls are prohibited from getting education, women are still given less salary than men of their work.

Somewhere men’s right are discriminated against as women are harassing men by taking wrong advantage of their rights and men’s right to live is being violated.

At the same time, transgenders are also facing discrimination, they are behaved with inferiority complex by society, they are not being given equal opportunities in the society like women and men.

Today, we need to completely end this gender discrimination mind set. Why do we discriminate by keeping only biological structure in mind! Every person is capable of doing just that, that should be our thinking.

When gender equality is being talked about today, it means that people of every gender get equal opportunities. Let’s come together, give everyone equal opportunities and unite the world.

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