By: C.P. Singh, Literary Editor-ICN Group

To  see a rainbow , we need both, “ The Sun and The Rain “,

Though rare , but it does happen , many a times , naturally .

Life’s rainbow depends on our own   glad – sad – sustain ,

How we deal  these opposites  , in and with us, enthusiastically ?

Nature is so adamant to perform , that it ever  does and stays ,

Day –night, flower –thorns , sweet – bitter, seem  all well .

It maintains every  evils –boon, ill –well, darkness and rays ,

And so perfect  , so punctual as if there rings  some bell .

Nature  never says  anything but un relaxing ,  it ever acts ,

Never preaches in words, any should be, but performs .

“ Books are silent and harmless teachers “, is a fact,

But nature tells us  by it’s doings , services, gains and harms .

Life does have every  factor of nature , one can see,

Day – night , sad – glad ,  are it’s well set lust gee .

When our “ emotional  rain and sun”, join in their perfect glee,

They just demonstrate , “ Emotional _Rainbow “ , let’s  see.

Every  day we feel , sun and rain in and over our being ,

It is not easy either, to deal, to cope  and to act upon .

These daily rainbows ,  depicting our core, so gleeing ,

Are , life’s   outgoing tests, none to escape  un –con.

Earth , sky , clouds, showers, sun rays  and rainbow ,

Are  big naturals , seen and dealt  by every living being .

One has to deal ,feel , enjoy , sustain and even bow ,

Are the real aspects , of life’s  suffering or gleeing .

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