Holi and Sufism

By : Dr. Mohammad Aleem, Editor-ICN Group
NEW DELHI : Holi symbolises different shades of our lives, like good and bad, worst and pleasant and evil and piety etc. While sprinkling colours, we drench others with love and respect.Urdu poets like Nazir Akbarabadi wrote special poetries on it. Whereas, Sufi saints and Mughal kings and prices used to celebrate with a different kind of fervour and gaiety.Sufi saints like Hazrat Nizamuddin and his ardent disciple, Amir Khusru would celebrate it with the spirit of love and respect. They would try to see God in different shades and signs of colours.Holi is deeply embedded in Indian culture and religion.The Holi celebrations at Mathura and Kashi are well-known to the world, but there is a shrine of Sufi Saint Haji Waris Ali Shah which is also known as Dewa Sharif in Barabanki district of Uttar Pradesh.Holi celebrated in Rampur Uttar Pradesh with Sufism thought.During the event, The white campus of Dewa Sharif shrine turned yellow, green, pink as thousands of people including Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, gathered to celebrate Holi. As per the Sufi saint Ghani Shah, who stays at the Dargah, Haji Waris Ali Shah used to believe that every religion is based on the feeling of love and devotion. Waris Ali Shah is revered by Hindus and Muslims alike.Holi celebrated in Rampur Uttar Pradesh.

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