First World War, The Devastating Tragedy Of The World

By : Mohd. Salim Khan, Associate Editor-ICN 
SAHASWAN/BUDAUN : First world war took place from 28th of July 1914 and it ended on 11th of November 1918. It is one the most devastating & heart trembling incidents of the world. In this world war there was an International conflict between central power and Allies.Cenctral power mainly : Germany, Austria, Italy, Hungary and Turkey and on the other side Allies mainly: France, Russiya, England and from 1917 America.
On account of industrial revolution most of the powerful countries want such dominions where they could collect the raw material and could sold out the things prepared by the machines in their countries .For this purpose most of the countries wished to rule over the other countries and this is why they started to increase the military forces.  As a result, confliction created among the countries and the clouds of world war began to roam over the world.
The heir of Austria’s throne ARCHDUKE FERDINAND alongwith his wife were assassinated and it too became the reason of the world war Ist. This incident took place on 28th of June 1914 in Seraajevo. After it Austria assaulted on Sarbiya. Russiya, Britain and France helped Sarbiya and Germany supported Austria. In the month of August Japan stood with Britain and Usmaniya with Germany in the war. In world war first about 8 lakhs Indian soldiers participated. About 47746 Indian soldiers were martyred and 6500 soldiers were missed.
Contemporaneous political parties eg. Congress, Muslim league, League Moderate, Nationalist and crown Princes supported British Govt. in the first world war. Liberal Indian leaders supported & remained loyal for British hope that after the war the British Govt. will make their nation India free as a reward. But the result was quite opposite.
The British Govt. deceived the Indians and the British did not like to talk over this matter.On the other hand General Dyer performed a blood Massacre and shot dead many revolutioners in Jaliyan wala Bagh.Indian soldiers were discriminated on the basis of food ,salary, allowances & other facilities by the British Govt. The master mind of Jaliyan wala Bagh blood Massacre General Dyer was appointed to recruit the Indian youngmen in the army.
The economy of India was almost bankrupt. Bal Gangadhar Tilak and Mahatma Gandhi campaigned going from cities to villages to send Indians to fight in the war .They collected the money and encouraged the people to join the army to fight in the world war Ist in support of British Government but on the other hand the revolutioners wanted to sharp their protest activities against the British Govt. It was their opinions that it is the golden opportunity to operate the revolutionary activities.We should utilize the golden opportunity and root out the British Government from India. Muslim league being disappointed from British Govt.after declaring the war against Turkey by Britain. Great, Indian revolutioners eg. Hakeem Ajmal Khan,Mohammad Ali & Hasan Imam forbaded the people to flatter the British Govt. & they appealed the people to join National protest. 37th countries participated in the first world war. After ending the war the British Government presented Gallanrty award to 9200 Indian soldiers. In 1921 the foundation stone of INDIA GATE was laid by the Government in the memory of Indian soldiers who martyred in the war.INDIA GATE was completed in 1931 and more than 13300 martyrs names were scrippted on it.
First world war was called the war of democracy. Britain itself officially declared it the war is being fought to save the democracy. This is why most of the dominions were supporting these nations in hope of freedom. Britain & France not only deceive the dominions but also did not behave friendly with the countries who supported them in the war. On 18th of June 1919 in Paris there a was Peace conference in which 27 countries participated but the conditions of peace treaties were handled only by America ,Britain & France. Treaty of Versailles was done with Germany on 28th of June 1919. As a penalty of the war 6 billions & 5 hundred millions ponds were demanded from Germany.U.N.O. came into existence after the first world war. It is said that UNITED NATION ORGANISATION is the achievement of word war Ist.
After four years combat and taking the lives of approximately 9 millions soldiers and 7 millions civilians, as a result of battle wounds & disease, the Allies were victorious and Central power had to face defeat. War is not the solution of any problem. In arrogance two countries and two men starts to fight but compromise is the last stopage of every conflict & combat. I wish our country India as well as entire world remain healthy & wealthy with peace & prosperity.The datas have been taken from the facts of history if there is any error in the article, then the writer apologizes for the same.

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