JK Cultural Revolution Presents Satisar international Film festival 2019, going to be held in Srinagar.

Film is a reflection of society, both present and past. Film and it’s innovations sometimes has to catch up to society but sometimes it leads society too. Movies are stories; movies are people who come out with ideas about something they want to say, something they want to tell someone. Movies are a form of communication and  that  communication, those stories, come from societies.
Why movies have become so popular. Why movies have become global. It is because every country has stories to tell, about their past, their culture now, and views of what the future will look like through their eyes. Now the modern gadgets have popularized the film as a medium.

The world is changing now faster than you and I change our socks! It’s constantly changing, and that constantly changing world is going to induce more moviemaking. If you go on YouTube, you can see the most talented young people all over the world who take a camera and start to film ideas they have and put them online. They’re going to be the future of the industry. The internet has connected the world together so a person in any part of the world can put a movie on the internet which can be instantly seen all around the world, you simply couldn’t have done that before. Movies allow people to be taken places they can’t get to on their own- be it travel, or culture, or learning. The arts are not just one, they are all connected- and movies have become a huge part of the arts.

It is in this context that JK Cultural Revolution came to being not only to promote Kashmiri cinema but to provide platforms to the young filmmakers of J&K State. We at JK Cultural Revolution help our youngsters in J&K to share and consolidate their experiences by encouraging them to hug the world of art through film making. We at J&K Cultural Revolution believe that movies take sides- you can agree or disagree with the content. Some movies take sides and create a conversation, and that conversation can be in any area; be it political, social, or even within specific disciplines such as fashion. Movies can create controversy, and tell difficult stories. Movies have always taken a side, remained central, or projected something forward. We at J&K Cultural Revolution, however, believe that movies should be objective and portray the happenings around in an impartial way so that they become the voice of the voiceless. Since movies are a form of art therefore they must have a Universal appeal. J&K cultural revolution, which patronages Mayur Arts International a movie house run by its founder director Gul Reyaz, believes in this Universality of cinema as a form of art. Our youngsters who are trained and guided under this banner are
taught and trained to learn and see through things as to how movies create debate, conversation, and how they create an atmosphere.

We do not claim to be great film makers , but if great films are who stand the test of time and years after years people want to see them again and again then Mayur arts International has everything to celebrate. During the last three decades of our being into the film world Mayur has produced films and documentaries which have been recongnised at the national level and applauded by the film critics all over .

And today we will again make you happy by announcing our next Mega film. Mayur Arts International’s “Shushur” The Frozen Time, for which the shooting will begin the next month.

The film is going to be produced and directed by:
Gul Reyaz
The final cast of the film is :
Suman pandita
Gul Reyaz
Shahid lateef
Rayes wathori
Rafiq Ahmad
Ajaz Rah
Mushtaq kak
Mir Sarwar
With Gul Javed in a very special characterWith many more ….Ladies and gentlemen

There is something more to come, We are glad to announce that J&K Cultural Revolution will be holding an
international film festival namely, Satisar International Film festival in the month of August 2019. The entries will open from 15th of March 2019. For further information please visit our website: www.siffindia.in

The noted names form film/Theatre and media industry will be on the advisory panel of the festival.
They are :
1. Mr. M.K Raina
2. Dr. Satish Vimal
3. Mr. Showkat shafi
4. Dr. Dev Kanya Thakur
5. Ms. Jennifer Alphonse
6. Mr. Gul Reyaz as founder/ director

J&K cultural revolution, will not stop there only. we believe that Movies inspire, they have a way of setting tones. All elements of art are interconnected, they are very similar. Movies can both take the lead in creating other arts, and
following arts . So we assure you that J&K cultural revolution, will do justice to its name and besides contributing in Kashmir film world it will also contribute generously in reviving Kashmir art , culture and literature which is our identity.

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