A Musical Birthday tribute to PM Narendra Modi from Bollywood

As PM Nareshdra Modi  receives many blessings, wishes and gifts throughout the world today our lyricist Shri Ashok k Mishra pays his tribute to Modiji by writing poems and recording them in the voice of Anup Jalota ji which will be released today to mark his 71st Birthday.
Yugpurush the nagme is written by Shri Ashok.K.Mishra released by Vision Tunes and sung by Anup Jalota . These names are written from the point of view of the writer , dedicated to our beloved Prime minister and is to be inaugurated today on his birthday by the hands of the ex chief minister of Maharashtra Shri Devendra Fadnavis. The songs depicts the thoughts of our lyricist for our PM and his  love for the people of our country, while he stands out as a different and distinct leader.However, the lyrics point out is a delicate balance of Modi’s thinking, innovation as well as style of governing with openness and newness.
Ashok K Mishra quotes” After Narendra Modiji is elected as the Prime Minister I am proud to call myself an Indian, We are very happy to offer something very musical & melodious songs based on great work done by our PM Narendra Modi”.

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