By: C.P. Singh, Literary Editor-ICN Group 


Whosoever thinks about the prevailing calamity, simply goes into it’s details in  so many parameters but no one knows anything in this regard . What to say about it’s cure ? or how to deal it perfectly to secure our human race ? when no one knows the full details about it ? No proper and to the point treatment is available with any Country or any individual on the Earth . Every  Country is busy trying to bring out  some protective or curing medicine for it .

  • Treatments and Their  Advancements 

Ever since the evolution of civilization , it  remained the tendencies and intentions of humanity at large that  they always conducted researches to know more and  more about human ailments and their  best possible treatments . Every time they  got success and the treatment and it’s conduct went on changing . It is obvious to note that these developments are really appreciable and  commendable . But nature and time are always considered supreme over all . 

We , the human  beings used  to  evolve effective  medicines for  whatever ailments , we  had,

The  diseases kept increasing , improving , so were  the cures for  them all , rather need  based .

 Nature and  time  are  supreme , undoubtedly, they help and oppose to make  us happy and sad ,

Our scientists are busy doing everything to  bring some perfect medicine for the same , so raised .  

The Whole World seems astonished knowing and  saying that this Ensuing Virus is “ Incurable “. When Nature Act , all others become secondary and seem  to  have roles of , “ Wait And Watch “ only ? Is  it  the real state of affairs  now  a  days , not  only for some countries , but for the Entire World ? None  of  the available treatments and medicines seem  to have any say against present dreaded virus . The World appears to be Helpless ? If not , even  then  it  is correct presently . Tomorrow  will explain or dictate Tomorrow ?

Just look  into the situations prevailing in the so called developed and rich Nations ,

They too are equally helpless regarding this new infection on them on larger scales .

None is yet capable , to cure any of  their patients assertively , with their own medications , 

Seems to be the similar state of affairs , everywhere , bringing  out the same sorry tales .

  • Effective Medicine For Current Dreaded Ailments .

This is  a big question posing Entire World today . Will this  World get  a  proper , effective and  dependable treatment for the on going world wide pandemic ? Will this Virus do more damage to the humanity on the Earth ? How long will it continue , before finally leaving us fully  safe ? Every Capable Country has started researches to evolve the much needed for today . Every able scientist is busy day and night to  become “ World’s – First “ for the same .

Every individual starts serious thinking , as soon as any calamity grips , 

I may or may not have any knowledge, even then my mind gets activated .

Minds and brains get into it , for  solving the calamity related odds and strips , 

Eager are  all to have some medicine for the pandemic , so  globally circulated .


Be they all skilled , illiterates or even innocents ,  but effective medicine they need , 

Busy doing  are the intelligents , eagerly  seeing are the innocents , to get  it soon . 

To become first for self and for The Country , with this achievement is also a greed ,

They will evolve a medicine for this  dreaded virus , which will cure humanity ,as a boon .    

I do not have valid reasons  or grounds  to supplement my  intuitions , even  then my feelings  are hopeful that , “ It will be my Country India to develop such much needed medicine to  become first in  the world .”   And  there  will be some  Indian Scientists to  become cause  behind it . “ Be that as it may “ even then I pray to every power effective on our universe , to arrange some dependable cure for  it . More over , if  possible , please take  back this pandemic from entire world , for ever . In the meantime , please be  cautious , ever .

Yes , I  am  sure that  every  one wishes  to  get  a vaccine  , as  one’s  own  Country’s produce ,

Be  any  such  effective drug to  bring our  entire human race , out of  the  clutches of invisible foe .

Till  then  it  is  pertinent on  all to  follow the rules , observe precautions , and  for  others’ induce ,

The Almighty can nullify this dreaded calamity  from  the Earth to  protect all of  us for live smooth go .

  • Re allocation  of Industries and Labour Migration .

Many factors are considered and taken into explanations before establishing an industry at any place . They all are well augmented established parameters , rather deciding principles for any industry to come up there . Every pandemic , every political turmoil , every natural disaster and every big revolutionary unrest causes  destabilizing  turbulence for  many  of  the industries there . Though this calamity  rains across the globe , still such trembling will be visible or invisible in many industries in  many countries .

Many factors are looked  into , analyzed and  evaluated for  the  place ,

Then an industry comes into being , with land , labour , transport and market .

Political situation , Environmental Conditions and Raw Material Solace , 

Seasonal disturbances , illnesses , skilled worker and  all , how  easy they get ?

As  most  of  the industries intend and remain  eager to continue , they  will prefer to shift ( if  at  all it  becomes  necessary ) from one country  or  place to some  other more  suitable . My intuitions perceive this  situation looking  towards our  Country , India , as their favourite for the case.

As such Our beloved  Country India  might get  so many new industries shifting  from elsewhere in the World . A big problem called “ Labour – Migration “ might  get  some resolution .  God Willing ! 

Once  established , an industry tends to  continue , operate well and flourish well there,

But ,big events like pandemics , natural calamities and political disturbances play main vains . 

They shake the very basics of  the unit to disestablish and it feels uprooted and bare ,

In such dire situations , even prosperous ones start thinking to go away from such pains  .  

To Be Continued…….

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