The Humane Side Of Lockdown

By: Klinsa Kurien, Bureau Chief-ICN Kerala

Since the Indian Imperialist regime ended 73 years back, many an Indian has felt liberated in both body and spirit. The Freedom to do things freely, to possess a liberalistic attitude and most importantly to break the chains of narrow mindedness is inculcated in people’s minds. 

Currently we are in a new political situation which was not experienced before. The Lockdown has brought our lives to a screeching halt. Though it was mainly done for achieving an infection- free society sans virus, homo sapiens have learned a great deal. 

In my view, we have become more humanistic. It is a natural tendency to become wiser after undergoing bouts of suffering. It adds on to our rich treasure- trove of ‘experience’. 

Going by the five angled analysis- politically, socially, spiritually, mentally and psychologically; it has opened up new vistas of thinking. 

The Political Metamorphosis is visibly clear. Leaders consider their masses opinions and are slowly opening up the doors of supplies while offering relaxation in service. Egoistic clashes are slowly disappearing and a citizen- oriented approach is paving the way. 

The Social angle is like a spider’s web, it is a broad phenomenon. People have become more broad-minded, generous,they have a heart to give and put others’ needs before theirs. A remarkable aspect in this regard is the start-up of Community Kitchens. This social initiative takes the cake. It is, in my opinion humanity exemplified greatly.

Spiritually, it has humbled our spirits and that of the clergy too. Wholehearted prayers and selfless deeds have become the trend. Atheists are slowly turning theists and deists. Commercial Societies are getting replaced by a socially concerned and motivated society. The Utilitarian Theory of Jeremy Bentham is proving to be more practical in these times than ever before, the underlying principle of which is the Greatest Happiness of the Greatest Number. Political leaders have begun exploring this possibility in these trying times. This is a true symbol of development. 

Mentally, the feeling of Contentment ensues. Living life happily with what one has is the definition of Contentment. We as humans crave for more and more money but this attitude only brings in more and more misery. 

Secondly, we feel an all- encompassing peace around us. Everything is calm and tranquil. Haven’t we craved for a moment like this,  in the midst of this great hustle- bustle of life? It indeed is a blessing in disguise. Speech is silver but silence is golden. Silence nurtures its  own self,it has it’s own language. The need to communicate with our own selves creates a feeling of the divine and helps us mellow down our stressed minds.

In psychological terms, we are acting on the model of “Psychological Wellbeing”. They are further grouped as i) Self- Acceptance ii) Personal Growth iii) Purpose in life iv) Environmental Mastery v) Autonomy vi) Positive Relations With Others.

Self- acceptance simply put is a willful acceptance of one’s looks, strengths, weaknesses, talents and good behavior patterns. Confidence to face people and situations in life comes from having an ability to accept oneself the way one is made. 

Personal Growth is a crucial factor in personality development. Pursuing one’s talents and sharpening skills helps in coping with the job demands and mirroring self-worth. 

Purpose in life being the next factor counts on the ambition of an individual. The purpose of living is to make life meaningful by indulging in good deeds. Its purpose varies from being materialistic to spiritual. 

Environmental Mastery is a factor which has a direct impact on society. Individuals truly value their lives and the environment they are living in. They choose for themselves their surroundings, place of living,facilities and the social spaces. 

Next comes Autonomy. Autonomy helps an individual to move around freely within his or her own territory. Rights as a citizen are enhanced through the implementation of various developmental schemes. Autonomy comes with some restrictions, in order to live productively. 

Lastly, Positive Relations with people makes life worth living. It also helps in the growth of one’s psyche. Mental well-being contributes directly to the overall personality of an individual. It creates a holistic cycle of growth and optimism. 

Therefore, accept life the way it is and you’ll be the happiest!

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