Sumeru is the warm feeling of love wrapped under the snow-clad mountains

Rating * * * 1/3 star
Duration: 1 hrs 58 mins
Banner: Padma Siddhi Films
Cast: Avinash Dhyani, Actress Sanskriti Bhatt and Shagufta Ali
Director: Avinash Dhyani
Producer: Avinash Dhyani and Ravinder Bhatt

Hindi film Sumeru has been released in cinema halls this Friday, let’s know how this film is. The story of the film begins with Roshni and Naman who have got lost in the mountains of the beautiful city Harsil in Uttrakhand. At night, they see a house whose door is locked, but on searching around, Naman finds the key, because the people who live in the mountains often do the same thing. In the morning, they see outside that it was Savi Malhotra’s house where they were staying the night. After hearing Savi Malhotra’s Haryanvi accent, Roshni asks her how she reached here in the mountains. Then Savi Malhotra (Sanskriti Bhatt) tells about the love story of her and Bhanwar Pratap Singh (Avinash Dhyani).

Savi had come with her would-be husband for a destination wedding in Harshil, but due to frequent fights with her fiancée, one day she goes alone in the forest, in the evening she forgets the way out of the forest. In a dark and scary atmosphere, she meets Bhanwar Pratap. In search of his lost father, Bhanwar Pratap Singh leaves everything behind for an unknown journey towards the plains of Uttrakhand and Savi becomes his companion in this journey. Innocent love story slowly takes you into the warmth of love inside the white snow. The film’s writer-director Avinash Dhyani. The Screenplay of the film is like a river flowing in the mountains, the Mountain Rivers are not very deep, but the water flowing in them is fast, and the sweet voice keeps on coming. The story of Sumeru is also such sweet. Bhanwar Pratap Singh has a storm of emotional feeling of being away from his father, he stays on his incomplete journey while bidding his father the last farewell in these mountains, and he does not dare to say the feelings of his love to Savi. He is unable to walk even a single step. On the other hand, Savi is the daughter of an industrialist, is very strong from the outside. She has not received the love from her father and fiancée, which she feels when she is close to Bhanwar. But Savi has already promised Bhanwar that she will not express her love. Savi feels that without Bhanwar she is unable to breathe, she and her world are incomplete. The romantic part of the story of the film is the music of the film. The snow falling on the mountains on the screen accompanied by the background music takes you to a world of fantasy, where love and feeling are deep. The music of the film matches the mood of the story. The song “Jo Tu Hain” sung in Shaan’s voice blends in with the story.

Talking about the dialogues in the film, most of the scenes are shot with Savi and Bhanwar, but Savi’s dialogues have very romantic poetry which cannot be said in words. Director Avinash Dhyani has been successful in conveying this feeling effectively with songs and poetry.

In the film, Sanskriti Bhatt has played the character of Savi very effectively. From a thoughtless and blunt girl at the beginning, there is a variety in the acting of the character of Savi, who speaks with silent eyes at the end of the film. There is also depth in the acting of Bhanwar Pratap Singh, who went out to find his father. Avinash Dhyani doesn’t let the drama take over the serious character. There is an ease in his acting.

If you want to see a musical romantic story set against the backdrop of a beautiful location, watching Sumeru on the big screen is a perfect choice.

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