The Driving Force For Survival In Life

By: Barnali Bose, Editor-ICN Group

KOLKATA: ‘ Blood’- the red thick fluid that oozes out when there is an incision- purposeful or otherwise. It is this blood that flows in each and every human and animal life that exists. It is the elixir of life. Just as we take life for granted, we often tend to consider blood as something we automatically are supposed to have flowing in our veins. However, when bleeding due to any injury occurs and there is loss of blood, life is endangered.It becomes imperative to stop the bleeding. 

What when transfusion is urgently needed, is imminent? What if the particular blood group we need is rare? It is then, that we realise the importance of blood donation, don’t we? Who knows the next person to need a blood transfusion maybe you? Donate blood, Save life!

Life is the most precious gift we have. But life lived just for the sake of living is a waste of this precious gift. Life should be lived as if there was no tomorrow. The passion to not only do something well but to do it differently is what makes life worth living. Whatever you do, do it with enthusiasm. Let your passion be the driving force steering you towards your destination. Enjoy the process of reaching your destination rather than focussing on the destination itself. Live life with passion.

That Darwin’s theory of the survival of the fittest is not mere theory but very much true is proven in the expeditions undertaken to the poles, the coldest regions in  the globe. Freezing temperatures, lack of proper food and shelter marks expeditions to the Arctic and the Antarctic. 

In  the Arctic, polar bears while in the Antarctic, penguins are undoubtedly an attraction for those who dare to tread on these icy lands. Except for the research centres, no permanent habitation exists in the Antarctic region. But the experience one gathers is unmatched and without doubt rare. It is truly worth it and nothing can surpass it. 


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